Goblin Campaign parts II and III

I don’t know if Radiant already has something in mind, but I sure do.

Part II
A little while after you defeat the goblin camp a wounded traveller limps into your town. he tells you a story about how his farmhouse a couple miles north had been burned by goblins. his wife and oldest child were taken prisoner. here you have the option to help the man or ignore his request. If you ignore his request, he leaves, and might come back with a “clan” to fight back. if you say yes, he tells you how to find the farmhouse, and where the goblins went. along the road, you meet up with a group of goblins tracking the wounded man who had come for your help. When you kill the last one he tells you where the goblin settlement is if you spare his life. when you spare him, he flees off into the forest. when you arrive at the goblin settlement, you find it preparing for war. You have to rescue the wife and child from the goblins, but if you set off alarms, the number of goblins while destroy you.

Part III
after you have rescued the wife and child, the whole family joins your town. the wife and husband are farmers, the child is a apprentice footman. you have five days to prepare before the goblin siege arrives at your settlement. in the end, when the army reaches your village, you have to kill the goblin king, who’s dying words tell you that his master shall condemn you for murdering his servants. his “master” is the race that controls the goblins that tom talks about in the stream. he said that the goblins are the cannon fodder of another race.