Glowing voxels not working on wearable items


So I have a varanus helmet (2 and 3 below). The eyes in the helmet are the exact same color as the varanus eyes (1), and it has the same color map and material map. When spawned, not as an iconic but as the actual item (2), its eyes glows like the varanus mob (1). But when properly spawned as iconic so the warrior can wear it, the eyes stop glowing (3).



Is this a Footage of the Swamp biom?


Heya :smiley:

I’ve encountered the problem before while working on Glassworks (my Obsidian effects were not working on the Obsidian armor - still aren’t, but I found the issue at least)

Turns out when equipment pieces (like armor) merge with a model, they actually merge (literally) so you need to have those colors applied to the color maps that are being used by the actual user model (the hearthling model or, in that case, the goblin model I guess?)

Weapon materials work because they’re separate models (their own models) attached to bones, but armor models require the material/color maps of the wearer model to be updated, not the item itself :slight_smile:


It is the kingdom from that mod, yes. But it will take a long time to complete.

If that is the case, it will be a simple fix. Thanks


alternative thought: couldnt armour be enquipped like swords? (so its still selectable?) or is there a specific reason team radiant went for merging them? anyone know? (thought: it would make selecting a hearthlign with fullplate pretymuch impossible wouter you dippy)


I suspect having it on top of the human body model rather than merging with it, would cause clipping issues - such as when I mess up a hair model and it clips through an equipped hat, for example, or what Qubicle does when you have a clothing model over a body model.


ah ofc. yeah then its defnitly a bad plan to not merge armours. and dani would be right :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly, not only cause a bunch of merging clipping issues and such as it would also not allow you to actually remove certain bones/matrixes like the top part of hair.

But I suppose the worst issue (although unsure on this one) would be the unecessary extra amount of entities this would bring. If you notice when using the entity editor with debug tools, weapons and shields are still clickable as individual entities even when in the hands of users. That means that each bone on an armor piece (each finger bit, each shoulder, chest, waist, feet, etc…) would need to be a separate entity attached to a separate bone.

Sounds very… unecessary :stuck_out_tongue:


-mumbles something along the lines but i like that swords and shields are selectable. if/once i add potions lings can carry around i want those to be selectable too :stuck_out_tongue: -


But that would be a single voxel matrix, that is fine :smiley:


I tried this myself at one point and I think I couldn’t get it to work (even with engineer help). I barely am remembering something about it though - I think the color/material maps don’t connect properly on the hearthling, like they don’t transfer across properly or they go onto the wrong level of the character. Hopefully that’s helpful.


I just checked with the engineers and we did look into this a while back. Sadly the issue isn’t small and has something to do with rendering flags not being triggered at the proper times. Also sounds like something we would need to fix on our side, and that it would be a large amount or work for a not very large benefit - i.e. deprioritized.


Don’t worry Malley, although a bug and not ideal, it is very easy to work around it by applying the glowing color map to the parent entity.


Wait, you were able to make it work? O.o


Yes, check the solution above. The color and material maps should go in the entity and not in the armor. The game merges the armor into the entity model and as such, is affected by its maps. For my specific item, I just added a color map with the glowing eye colors to the goblins, and that only glows in the helmet as it is the only place where it is used.


Ah, but you’re not attaching the colormap at the time of the equipment joining, you’re doing it on the base goblin correct? I’m wanting to add a glow to a hearthling weapon, but I don’t want to force all hearthlings forever to not be allowed to use a specific color again. (I could, but doesn’t seem like a good solution.)


Honestly, there are so many collors, there is probably a garish pink somewhere in the spectrum no one will ever use lol.


Ahh, the old transparent .gif strategy?


I agree with you Malley, but on the other hand, the special colors are always strong and saturated, it is safe to assume those will not be used in other normal circumstances.


Tried and true! You are correct sir! ;D