Give simple rooms a ceiling not roof, add roof later

my reasoning is a room is just that a room and has room for a bed and not much else it has a ceiling and can be joined to another room whether horizontally or vertically. this way you can make a house.


indeed! but i believe we will see some building variants with flat roofs, at least…

Wow! This looks incredibly cozy. :slight_smile: Great way to use the simple rooms to make whole houses!

I am totally doing this the next time I do a building stress test. Though, I would imagine that the scaffolding looks a bit weird while it’s going up.


Made this with previous build, the one that did not finish buildings. Complete with double door :door:
And worker trapped in bed :smile: Wanted to lure her out with food, but did not work


Unfortunately I can’t complete my house. Something with my system I’m assuming won’t let me build more than 5 houses then the game crashes.

Umm, I think the AI is becoming self aware…that worker aint trapped, they are just tired of taking orders :smiley:

That is why they did not finish buildings too, right? Afraid of heights and stuff. :smile:

They also sometimes are tired of living and starve themselves to death. :expressionless: