Gilded Crimson Rug not implented

Hi i dont know if this is the same issue like the forgetton 2-Hand Sword but the entitie is complete but no manifest and no receipe :wink:

Wasn’t that the rug that was only available via stores, by chance? :wink:

hmmmmmmmmmm that could be ^^ but there is no manifest for them ^^ so they dont will show up in the shop^^

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Yeah… Probably they forgot to add it, then.

On another note, I wonder when will Tom add the gingercap crop?

what is that for a corn???

No, the mushroom that Tom implemented on a stream, it was a crop for selling, although I don’t remember if the name is correct because I think that he changed the name several times :confused:

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lolllllll ok i have searched via google for a gingercap crop and only found this #gingercap hashtag on Twitter with this video:

you dont know what i have thinked what it could be as a crop xDDD