Cash Crop Ideas (Ideas for Tom) (Straw Poll Added! Get to voting!)

So in the April 23 live stream, Tom asked the viewers to give ideas on what cash crops we would like to see implemented into the game. That’s where we, as the community take charge and give ideas! The idea of the crop is to just be purposely sold for gold to traders, but it takes a long time to grow the crop. The plant should have no uses for your town other than to purposely sell, so no ingredients.


  • Be Creative (Draw a picture, model it, or describe it.)
  • Draw inspiration from real life , and some games. Don’t rip off directly from another game,
  • Remember to be cute though, nothing too serious.
  • Can not be a food item or ingredient.
  • Has no use to your town

Well what are you waiting for? Get after it and have fun!

Update: Now that I’ve had this up for a few days, let’s get a vote of what everyone likes.

That way we can have this out by Tuesday to show Tom in the stream to give him some sort of idea. Vote your favorite idea and lets get some community feedback!


Olives (Nobody eat those and i have no idea how people earn money producing them) :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note

Everything is a food or an ingridient.


Off the top of my head


With Stonehearth wanting to stay away from traditional stuff in general, I could see them putting in something else instead.

I am kind of curious why it is of no use to your town. Even if you are just farming it to make money, its still serving a purpose. A cash crop should just be something that doesn’t necessarily have any intrinsic value to survival but allows a high amount of luxury.

as i think that is impossible to think of something of value that has no actual usage. i got a nice idea.

Each race/faction could produce a type of crop to sell, a second faction woul buy this item and make a product to sell and a 3° faction would buy that to use it. so each of the 3 races will get something unique that they can’t make thenselves


This wouldn’t be a cash crop in my town (as I’d make the hearthlings consume it all day long) but here’s my suggestion:

Black Tea
Green Tea

###How dare you, sir! :angry:

I’m likely biased because of my heritage… I’m sure @SteveAdamo and @Relyss would agree on the awesomeness of olives :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe someone in the stream chat mentioned a gilded lily, which I thought to be rather clever.

How about musical plants? Useless but otherwise something that could be valuable.

Robert Plants
Horn Flower
Trumpet Flower
Fiddle Head Ferns

I’m sure there’s more clever ideas out there. One of my favorite things is zooming in on a sleeping Hearthling and hearing that little sleeping lullaby. You could do the same thing her possibly when the flowers are ripe. Maybe. I dunno.


Flowers and other decorative foliage would make good cash crops–since we’ve already got two flower variations already, I could see some potentially rare or difficult plants to grow that take a very long time to grow being added without too much hassle. Perhaps starting out with a species that requires being adjacent to deep water (ponds) in order to grow, just to build off the addition of water and its function in the game?


“Singing Roses” - Cue pretty little music roses that have songs that play off of them.

“Glow Beans” - Little beans that glow in the dark!

“Vine Sword” -Useless as a weapon, but a pretty cool plant!

Other means…

  • Clams that wash up on the shore.
  • Exotic Nuts in the forest.
  • Cool Bugs?

In American history, Tobacco, Sugar, Cotton, ect were all cash crops. Tobacco was the biggest at one time too.

Teas on the other hand, have always been big in the Eastern part of the world. From China to England, you don’t hear about them drinking coffee, it’s some form of tea. That being said, I would still prefer my people to be able to drink these once thirst becomes part of the game.

Personally, I think EVERYTHING in game should have some use, as the market system isn’t fully needed. Honestly, with the current setup, within a few days of just selling what my trapper acquired, I can have more gold than I can spend. Having something ONLY for selling would be great at the beginning of the game, and useless after 3 days in. That being said, these items don’t need a lot of use to them, maybe just decoration pieces, or personal touch pieces like tea and coffee, but some use would be nice or just cash cropping.


Alright, having just watched yesterday’s stream, I guess it would have to be a non-consumable plant.

My new suggestion:

Moon flower
This plant buds quickly and grows tall, with a long stalk and a flower fully enclosed by its sepals during daytime. At night, the sepals open and the flower catches the moonlight. The plant uses this light to create Star Dust, a valuable commodity.

I’m thinking the flower can have a sparkle particle effect at night, drawing goblins and other baddies to come cut it down for their own satisfaction, relief*, or profit. As for what the star dust does, I’ll leave that up to the storytellers / loremongers among you.

*I mention ‘relief’ as a reason for goblins or undead to come hack down the plants with star dust hurting them in mind.

(Hope that last statement actually makes sense… I might need to sleep or something. Goodnight!)


This would work for me. A plant that can only be sold when fully grown, and attracts additional enemies or causes equally adverse effects. This would be a good balance, as well as would give it purpose when I’m sitting on 3.5 mil in gold.


Well. The main currency is gold. It has to be a plant.


How about the well-known

Lily of the Fairies
A tiny, slow growing flower, loves to grow in the warm sun. Blossoms only once every few decades naturally, but can be made to bloom sooner with enough love and care. The blooms are small, bell-shaped, brightly colored (multiple colors can be seen on a single plant, but each bloom only has a single color), and produce dust-like spores. As recent research has found out recently, this spore dust can be used in the same way as fairy dust, which makes it a perfectly safe and fairy-friendly alternative in magical research.

(That last part was also inspired by the toddler of one forum user, who was so shocked about the trapper “needlessly killing” all those cute animals. I forgot who it was, though. ^^)

As for graphics, I’m basically thinking of a rainbow-colored lily-of-the-valley. :wink: I’m not good in the 3D-Voxel arts, but let me quickly throw together a sketch without any cube or square shape… ^^

Edit: oh, picking up the idea to give bad guys a motivation to try and destroy them: Goblins are severely allergic to their spores and therefore want to stomp every of this plant they can find! ^^

Edit 2: While I also like the idea of real-life money crops (e.g. spices, cocoa, tea), in any case I would strongly discourage the usage of tobacco, simply because it’s tobacco and there are no positive things about that plant…


i believe that would be @Vexed :wink:

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medieval cash crops are wheat barley and rye and other boring things :frowning:

i think they should make Luminescent-Bulbs or Radiant-Bulbs

which are basically ancient crystals that grow from the ground

if i were to describe how it looked its basically the Bomb plants in Zelda but instead of a bomb put a shiny glowing Sphere (or cube?) lol


They already said they took the building design from The Sims 3, why not take the crystal plant too?

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Well the thing about crops is that by definition they have a purpose. We dont grow things we or other people dont need. So the problem is that you can say that all the ideas here arent good because the town can use em.

So what is the best next thing. I do think that the above suggestion of spices is best.
If the town would use it. It would only need a little and spices are luxury products. So most of it would be traded.

There are even different kinds of spices, with some more available or easier to get. You could even make it so that they only grow in specific condition, climate, season etc.

This means the devs can make it as simple or complex as they want.
Making one generic spice plant or add some of the above features


Now that I’ve had this up for a few days, let’s get a vote of what everyone likes.

That way we can have this out by Tuesday to show Tom in the stream to give him some sort of idea. Vote your favorite idea and lets get some community feedback!


There is no spice option on the straw poll, but every other one there is