Generation of Dungeons

Hello, Title already says it all … An Idea that came to me a while ago would be the generation of dungeons on the Map of Stonehearth, it would be a kind of cave with cages and crates with spawn of Enemies and baus of precious items inside them, a A dungeon would generate below the earth, a layer of 100 blocks from the Surface to the Cave, but only you have access to its interior through a Hole in the Surface that descends in steps of 3 to 5 of height … The dungeon would have Its Interior a size of approximately 400x400, so that it could enter in it was enough to select its group of soldiers and go to scour the place. I hope you have enjoyed the idea that brings to Stonehearth some sensations of games related to Dungeons :slight_smile:


I like the idea. Would encourage exploring the world.
Respawning monsters which increase in strength and dynamic loot would be even better.
Is there a mechanic to spawn hollow zones in the underground ?

But pls move it to suggestions


Probably not, but I believe that the game creator itself could give us this notion … but for that we would have to see where this file is located to start the modifications :smile:

I think somewhere in the files for the biome generations are specific parameters but you might want to talk to the Mod God of Biomes @BrunoSupremo (Sorry for Paging) he might help you there, I do love me a Dungeon Crawler… This idea brings me back to Dwarf Fortress!

I’ll do it :slight_smile:!

It will require some work, but can be done. I would guess it can be done similar to how the lakes are generated. Mark an area to be carved, and then populate it with the dungeon objects instead of water.

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Ok that would be a project if i want to learn world generation, biomes and so on.
Is it possible that a dungeon spawns event triggered or must it be created at world generation ?

Since the dungeon requires a large area to be carved out of the mountain terrain, I would suggest that it be created at world generation. :merry:

My question would be how it gets discovered. Would it be a random discovery while mining, or would an opening to a tunnel/cave already be at the edge or surface?

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At world generation would be easier, but both ways should be possible.
Though I don’t really see the appeal for such thing, as we are not one of the game characters. In minecraft it is understandable as you are the one exploring and experiencing such places, but here we are watching them explore? Not sure how that works…

Actually the work is a bit complicated, as it seems to require a more advanced knowledge about such an idea, but as @BrunoSupremo said, I do not see such an appeal for such an idea, since it is just a suggestion, but anyway I will start the modifications And see how the situation is in front.

This is a really cool idea. Maybe you could also enter dungeons through the church that spawns, instead of just getting a chest after you beat all the enemies. I think some changes to the combat controls would be warranted, though. You’d have to have much more direct control over where your hearthlings can move in combat, and where to stand. Maybe a fog of war feature could be implemented…

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There’s technically fog of war as it is, it’s just not very foggy, and it doesn’t come back if you move away. But the darker unexplored terrain is still technically fog of war (if not a very good one).

I would like to have dungeons maybe locked until some quests are done. Then you enter it with a little army. I think military control is good enough for a basic kill all monster and get the treasure dungeon.

And if thats not enough the dungeon itself could be divided into zones which are locked until something happens.
So this would be an option to easily implement quest steps and adventures.


Good point. I’m talking more about with enemies, cause you can see enemies wherever they are on the map, and I think it would be a lot more interesting if you could actually use the knights and the defend zones to like, spot for enemies.

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Old topic of 2015. the time is right to ask @sdee or anyone else of Team Radiant on this.

I like the idea, randomized dungeons. Though personally I’d like to see Dungeons that vary in size from 2 man to 4 man size dungeons. (obviously you could fit more but the compact size would create an atmosphere for the different dungeons.)

Haha even better, be full of traps instead of monsters? Poison darts, spikes, pitfalls, stuff you can’t just beat by having a large army and then a mini boss at the end protecting 2 or 3 chests to make it worth the trip.

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I like that
but pits and traps would afford more detailed controls on units to avoid.

Atmosphere is the core concept
Spider dungeons with webs all ober the place. Maybe a dead or webbed hearthling here and there.
Or a dungeon with great halls, stalagmites and water dripping noiseful from the cealing.
Or just a dungeon with intense heat where thirst and hunger is the problem.


That just gave me the most amusing thought, a Gluttony dungeon. A Dungeon with no enemies but an effect that makes hearthlings very hungry; while the dungeon is covered with tons of food, beds, and tables/chairs so that they never leave until all the food is gone so they can get to the chests.

basically making any hearthlings that go to the dungeon unavailable for an extended amount of time.

I can imagine it would be an interesting one, since you couldn’t just send normal hearthlings, mobs would come in after them, and if you send your troops your base is either undefended or with limited defenses for that time/in-game days.


ahahaha that sounds amazing and fun! For sids sake hearthlings…come on! Leave the damn food alone! :jubilant:

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