Dungeon Feature?

I remember playing a game back in 2012 called Towns, it was one of my favorites for awhile and had lots of awesome things you could do. In its basics, it is very similar to stonehearth in all but graphics. One of the things that stonehearth doesn’t have, which i believe would be awesome to have would be Dungeons. In Towns the layers were similar to stonehearth, as in you could change which layer you are currently on. Dungeons were exclusively found in the deeper underground layers and would scale in difficulty and reward the deeper you go. So far all the depths of the stonehearth worlds offer are stone, ores and more stone. I feel like it would be a cool feature and im sure others would agree.

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The devs are already planning to add dungeons of some form to Stonehearth. Unlike Towns, they probably won’t be layer-spanning mazes; they’ll be more likely to be localised features (a cave/cave system, a ruined castle, etc.) although nobody knows yet exactly how they’ll end up.

They will almost certainly become more difficult as the game progresses though, in order to keep that sense of challenge and danger.