About Mines, Dungeons and Fun

I’ve been playing this game for a while in the Alpha 16 and It’s very satisfying the tools for making the mines and the option to cut the land and see inside.

With that in mind, why not put some furniture or itens for Dungeon creation? You could make your own Dungeon to protect your gold and goods, could be something very interesting for Dwarf Class or Goblin Class… The Mason or the Blacksmith could make the traps added with venom made with the herbalists.

With this and some more options of characters control you could make Dungeons in the map for players to venture and find unique itens and strong enemies to battle. This would make the game much more worth exploring and Fun. The same way the enemies with constructions appear a Dungeons in the mountain sides could appear spawning monsters and creating the necessities for the heroes to explore.

A job of Dungeon Master could be made in order to create the traps, or to spawn minions with magic to defend the Dungeons too. In the end it’s just my suggestion to the game!


I’d prefer the idea of instead of making your own dungeons, monsters like goblins create their own dungeon and you can create raiding parties that would leave the overworld (go off the map) and into said dungeons. you can then control them in there. There would be better loot in there but better monsters.

they already have something similar planned. in the form of other dimensions/planes of existence that you can attack/raid

Ooooh, why not discover caverns as you mine, like in Dwarf Fortress (or minecraft!)

I like the idea of make your own Dungeon to protect something, like gold, goods, etc, but for this to happen, the A.I. of monsters in game should be more complex. They have to try to get to the gold or most valuable goods when attacking, if your number of heroes are fewer than the number of raiders the extra ones should or continue to attack or go past to get the goods. And, allied to the fact that they become more agressive and numerous as your society evolves and you get greedy hehe :smiley:, you have to prepare… More Gold/Diamonds = More raids and necessity to defend. This implies in 2 factors: That you have to actually spent your money if your defense is not good… or that you have to difficult the enemies to get to the gold by defenders, walls or dungeons with traps.