Games where you can represent your country!(?, with others?)

Hey there folks!
I’m searching for fun easy games to represent a country (where you live or not)
For an example:


Do you guys know any more?

Please reply so I can add them to the list! :smiley:

edit, before anyone is gonna make a joke; I’m not capable of joining the olympic games :stuck_out_tongue:

NationStates, kind of.

Then the Paralympic Games? :wink: You never said that wasn’t allowed to be said… :tongue:


EU 5, or CK 2, decent learning curve though.


Crusader Kings 2 is amazing, I haven’t ever played Europa Universalis though … any good?

It’s a different series but a similar (same guys made it) game , the formats are similar so you can port CK 2 to EU or vice-versa. EU 4 contains america though with a few new events.