Any Settlers Fans?

Just wondering if anybody has played any of the Settlers games? They’re fairly old, I know, but I majorly enjoyed them. Them being Settlers II and Settlers: Heritage of Kings. I had Settlers III but never really got on with it and I don’t know why. I tried playing it again recently and had an install problem so it won’t load the game up :crying_cat_face: I even have a Settlers board game: Settlers of Catan, which I’m pretty sure is the same franchise.

This thread is kind of a fanboy thing. Feel free to talk about any of the Settlers games, but the one that I love and that ranks probably as my 2nd all time favourite game, is Settlers II. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone and I believe it shares some similarities with Stonehearth, so why not give you guys something else to play, eh? :wink: Plus it would be great to actually know someone whos played it outside of my family.

Trial Version (pretty sure it’s a trial version, and if so its definitely for free!)
Full Version (for $10)

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i was just going to link to the gog option (for some reason, i stumbled across it earlier this week)… :+1:

i havent played these myself, but the reviews are almost entirely positive, and it looks like a really solid game…

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I played (still have) some old 8-bit DS version of settlers, though I really liked it I just never got around to the pc version. I might just try it.

Seriously recommend it, apparently it’s a bit of a funny one in that each one has kind of different gameplay instead of simply refined and expanded gameplay which is the usual way sequels seem to go. And certainly from my experience that was true, 2 being fantastic, 3 a bit of a disappointment after 2 and Heritage of Kings being really quite fun but really quite different at the same time :smile:

good to hear, getting it right now, also (and this is very surprising) but I just found the DS version one and it seems like it’s Settlers 1.

What? I’d only assume it’s an anniversary remake then, as the versions of 2 I linked are, as Settlers 2 was so old it wouldn’t run on my operating system (Win7) and had barely worked on XP or Vista. It was made back about 15 years ago. Settlers 1 would have to be approaching nearly the 20 year mark now. Even @SteveAdamo wouldn’t have been an old biddy when it was released :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No, it’s settlers 1 all right and it still works
might have to go play it again…

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Well what a surprise…I suppose it wasn’t a remake though, it was just putting it on a different console…does it play well? I’m struggling to see Settlers on the DS but you’d obviously be the better judge on this :smile:

it plays amazing (though it has a learning curve close to that of dwarf fortress :confounded:) though at points can get a little… difficult.

Just to clarify, it’s not a part of the same franchise…Though they are all great games, Catan is strictly a resource management game where you have to accumulate points to win.
I love the Catan board game and play it often…I recommends it!

Ah Catan, so many happy times playing … does anyone want to trade 3 wood for a brick?
:sheep: :house_with_garden: :house:

That’s it, I’m placing the robber in the worst place possible for you

grins menacingly

Oh and thanks for the clarification @Wycroe, enjoyed Catan very much anyway :smile:

I played every settler game except the first one, I loved them all really, but settlers 7 and online were pretty disappointing… I loved to see a remake of 3. That one was the most fun if you ask me!

I played settlers 2 and 3 and loved them both. Also played a lot of catan.

I really wish I could get 3 to work so I could give it another chance, I just never knew what I was really doing. From you guys’ comments though, it does seem like I came off with the wrong impression. I’ll give installing it another crack :smile:

If you enjoyed Settlers, you need to take a look at Widelands, the open-source game inspired by Settlers.

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the who did what? insta-clicks

that looks so much like the original settlers you wouldn’t believe it. :smile:

cool, never heard of that one before. I give it a try.

Looks like I have something else to add to the list of ‘Things to Waste My Life Away With’. Fingers crossed it’s not too addictive…