Games crashes and exits after a few minutes


I just bought this game a week ago or so. At the beginning after I installed it, it didn’t open and I had to uninstall it and install it again. That one time it worked, but it crashed continuely after 10-15 mins of playing. I updated my drivers and stopped the antivirus, but it still crashed. I decided to keep playing like that, saving each 2-3 mins and enduring the crashes. But suddenly this week it just crashes after 1 min of playing; it’s unbearable ! I wanted to start a new game, and I had to try it 8 times before getting into the map because it always crashed at the loading screen; and once I started the game, it crashed after 2 mins. I can’t endure this anymore…what can I do?

Windows 7
4096 MB RAM
I5-3570K (3.40GHZ 4 CPUS)
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660

it may be the ram, the minimum requirements say that you need at least 8 gb of ram, and theres nothing you can do on that, other than upgrading your ram

edit: i just checked and it says 4 gb of ram, but in reality to play this game properly you need at least 8 gb of ram, they have to change that

also, what is that error in english? access violation i guess? (had issues with that myself not too long ago… :confused: )


Thanks to you I just realized : “Wait a moment, when I built this PC 4 years ago I bought 8gb of RAM…”. I checked DXDIAG in my PC but it only said 4GB. I turned off my CPU and opened it and indeed, it was 8GB but somehow one of them stopped working god knows how long. I extracted them and cleaned them and now it detects 8GB of RAM again ! I have been having blue screens and PC crashes for 2 years already and never thought it may have been because of this…thank you!

I haven’t tried the game yet, but I will try now and keep you updated! Thank you a lot !!55 54


Oh wow, forgot that it was Spanish…It says:

“The game stopped working”
Windows may look up for a solution on line to the problem.

-> Look up for a solution and close the program
-> Close the program

But I think it was the RAM as I stated right now !

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yaay! unitentially fixing ram ftw :smiley:
i hope that was it ^^

Wow, glad you found the cause :smiley:
It’s not the first time a stonehearth crash has discovered some hardware issue or broken OS installation.

Make sure you have SP1 installed too, since you’re using Windows 7.

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