[Gameplay Idea][Combat] Inspirations!


I’m still trying to work out what I am, game play wise? I give the Hearthlings inspiration as to what to build, where, what to gather and the likes, so in this I think I can conclude - we’re either a deity who directly puts thoughts into their minds and drives their souls - or, we’re the collective consciousness of the village / settlement and so on, but this takes from the post.

Idea of Combat Inspirations -

During combat the Archer, Militant, Knight or Cleric (And other classes) kind of know their role, they know how to bash a foe or cast a healing spell, but much like the crafters there becomes this great moment of inspiration, as if their deity is working through them in this - and with that, a moment to inspire your combat hearthlings come, a box appears floating above their head, or a attractive image that when you press, executes a strong spell or attack.

The purpose of this - As much as we don’t actively control the actions of the Hearthlings, with the use of the archers now I am pretty much having to actively control my soldiers through commands to make them kite the enemies and such, and use the environment to my advantage, so really I am controlling them in combat, not just leaving them to it like they do with building, so - in this, the fact that I /DO/ have to control the combat means, I’d also like to be more involved, having something other than just kiting them around to do.

Potential effects -
Cleric - on inspiring them, it makes the clerics next healing spell also apply a Heal over time.
Knight - On inspiring them, it makes the Knight raise his shield, they will not move and will block for the next three seconds.
Archer - On inspiring them, it ensured the next arrow is a critical strike.
militia - On inspiring them, they will do a stun attack, stunning in 3x3 cubes infront of them all foes with a powerful bash!

Hope you enjoy this idea.

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I had the same idea! :smile:


But I love this idea. I like the idea that a thought bubble pops up or their Heart goes gold and if you click it, the game pauses and you get to line up a special attack. This would bring more RPG elements into combat, plus make it more engaging without interfering with the AI (since’s it’s just a programmed attack).

Footmen could have Dash Attacks, a Critical Stun Attack (like you say) and a self boost that ups their Atk Spd and movement speed (to close distances to get to archers)

Knights could have a Counter attack (raised shield as you say), whirlwind or blowing on their horn for AOE aggro

Archers could have a guaranteed critical hit, a leg shot that stops movement temporarily or special arrow (fire, poison, etc) depending on what special arrow they have equipped.

Clerics could have an instant big heal with a lot of range, an AoE Blind/Stun flash, and the ability to buff players with def/atk/spd boosts depending on what special book/tome they have equipped.

I think this could really make combat much more interesting and enjoyable and make it fun from beginning to end of the game.

Thrilled to see someone else thinking exactly along the same lines! Great minds think alike :smile:

Any feed back @jomaxro @sdee