Game won't launch on new laptop

Hello guys,

Here am i again with another problem. I love this game and my hole family does. So my sister bought the game also so that we can play together.

But on a different laptop. And now everytime my sister tries to lauch the game it wont start up. It says the game launches but nothing happens. It really weird because the game hasnt been launched on this laptop yet.

I hope you guys can understand this message because my english is not great ^^
If 1 of you guys know a solution please help me.

Try pressing f5 on keyboard,it should work ^^ :merry: also are you using some mods or could you provide me some mod list? Some mods could be outdated but that is unlikely

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If the game wont even start, go to pc files, then local disc, and find stonehearth in it, its should load from here. Hope it helps :merry:

Yea. But the thing is even though i try to launch it without steam it still doesnt load. Also i tryd to do the verify thing on steam also doesnt help.

I just installed stonehearth on a new laptop so i suposse there are no mods. It is a brand new laptop so maybe that is the problem.

Is it touchscreen?

Nope. Its a lenovo just normal laptop with intel 5. 10 gen

Try uninstal and reinstal. It can help

Already tyd that for 3 times i wont work. i deleted the hole steam app and nothing happend. Its really weird because i can lauch other game’s

Did you delete leftover files

Try to restart pc

that doesnt work sadly enough. and i deleted the leftover files. So i realy dont know what is going on

Check in the Stonehearth files for the game log (should be a text file simply named “log”, or possibly just the last date you tried to run the game), and for a folder named “crash” or “crash.dmp” – these will list errors or crashes, and we can use them to help figure out what’s going wrong.

If there’s no files like that, it means the game never started running and if that’s the case something is preventing it running. Check that it’s not something like anti-virus/security software preventing the game from running.

i checked for a file namend log but couldnt find 1. Also i havent ever played stonehearth on this brand new laptop ever. I do see a crash reporter but cant open it sadly enough

BTW thanks for all the help^^

i cant upload the crash report also

I really need help man i am struglling with this problem for day and i dont know how to fix this. Its really sad because i love this game so much😳

What version of laptop you are using(idk, maybe not working because it may be some old system like windows 6) if it have some older system try to update pc

The laptop is a recent one running windows 10
It came on sale in the last 6 months

The log file should be named stonehearth.log (or if you have extensions hidden in Windows, just stonehearth with the file type listed as Text Document). Here’s an example:


yea you are right its a brand new latop with windows 10.

yea i looked for the log but can find that folder. i do see a crash report but cant open or upload it