Game shuts down after loading a game from the save/load menu.(alpha 16 latest unstable)

There is a small chance of the game crashing without an error while loading a game.

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I’ve only had that happen when my computer is busy with something else… or when I have been play a long while and want to immediately reload a map for this or that reason.

Rarely does it ever close down my game though. i’ve only had it happen once, which was sometime last week when I was having trouble with the heat. No my computer heat level was fine, but the outside temp irl was another matter; and since ACs around the house are broken… you get picture.

Anyway I was patient enough to wait that long, as every other time it just took longer to do things.
stonehearth.log (1.7 MB)
Not a crash, just the play session that lagged a bit, and yes it did have a few popup errors; however could only catch the first one, as things in game were almost becoming non-responsive for 1-5 minutes at a time near the end half of that session.

Haven’t had that happen since A13. Of course this was probably due to many things and not just the game, even if that does play a big part in it. Didn’t experience it before the 559 patch. I have had 20 max hearthlings all this time. Not going above that. I believe the other thing that wasn’t helping was my computer itself decided to do a background maintenance that windows 8 does on occasion constantly.

So a lot of factors played into it. The crash happen a couple days before that, and couldn’t get the log file for that unfortunately. At least at that time it didn’t really have any slow downs, just crashed after attempting to reload a map.

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When that happens, could you go to your Stonehearth folder, find the crash.dmp file (it should have the date as of the moment of the crash), the stonehearth.log file, and the savefile that made the game crash and upload them here (or on a hosting site if the savefile is too big)?

It will help the devs find the cause of the crash and fix it.

By the way, by “small chance” you mean that loading the same savefile will sometimes crash the game and sometimes not? :sweat:

For my case all I could give is the dmp file. :frowning:
For reasons I mentioned above.

But if it is still useful here it is:
crash.dmp (163.2 KB)

I hope that would be useful in someway in my case. The only thing I remember that day it crashed upon reloading the same save. About all I can think of off hand since it was earlier in the week.


it sometimes happens when i have been playing for a while, sorry for making it unclear.

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