Game is Stuck on map creation screen

Hi everyone, bit lame for a first post I know but, I have been trying to start a new game for a while, went back to alpha 19 after playing on the alpha 20 for a while (got annoyed of a few bugs that kept happening) so I went back and now I can’t start a new game aha.

Any Ideas? reinstall or something?

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Hi @Nicholas_Cruse, do you have any mods installed?

Do you see the “…” on the “Loading…” message animating?

A clean reinstall should work (deleting the folder manually, although make a backup of your templates and savefiles first).

Don´t load any Alpha 20 savefiles on A19 by mistake, though.

Do you have any mods installed by any chance? I know, before it updated, the Archipelago mod hung at map creation.

Hey thanks for the reply,

Yes it was a mod i had installed, i think it was the Stonehearth Expanded mod. Removed it and it worked again, not sure what aspect exactly was broken though…

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