Game crashing on start up

hmm just some thoughts
have you tried to start the game without steam? directly from the games directory




(assuming you installed it in your default steam directory… otherwise go look for that directory)

what game version are you using? the default version (alpha_10-5) or the “latest” version (alpha_11 develop 2513)

would it help to test my user_settings since your file is almost empty? (remember to copy in your user_id)

	"user_id" : **your userID**,
	"collect_analytics" : true,
	"alpha_welcome" : {
		"hide" : true
	"renderer" : {
		"run_once" : true,
		"use_high_quality" : true,
		"enable_ssao" : true,
		"enable_shadows" : true,
		"msaa_samples" : 1,
		"shadow_quality" : 5,
		"max_lights" : 250,
		"enable_vsync" : true,
		"enable_fullscreen" : true,
		"screen_width" : 1920,
		"screen_height" : 1080,
		"draw_distance" : 1000,
		"last_window_x" : 0,
		"last_window_y" : 0,
		"last_screen_x" : 0,
		"last_screen_y" : 0
	"audio" : {
		"bgm_volume" : 0,
		"efx_volume" : 0.5
	"force_32_bit" : false,
	"tutorial" : {
		"hideStartingTutorial" : true
	"enable_auto_save" : true

im not sure that would help, in fact it could cause problems. then again im no expert on this stuff.

We tried this in the past. It worked sometimes. Maybe it’s related to some default settings, it could be worth trying, though, since the last crashes from players are getting each time more difficult to resolve. Updating the drivers doesn’t seem to work lately…

Or maybe Win 8.1 related too. Other recent crashes come from similar rigs.

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well that’s why I’m still on Win7 because that 8/8.1 is bullcrap (just my opinion from a programmers/IT guy side)

i tried the user settings thing didnt work

im using cyberpunk i got it at amazon and i can look if i have the malware again but from what iv seen i dont have them

sorry for late respond theres some limit to me talking… -_-

Please understand that we aren’t necessarily talking about malware.

Some perfectly fine protective software have bad interactions with Stonehearth atm. They are trying to address that, but they haven’t got a solution yet. If you have any program that could possibly fit that description, it’s worth turning it off temporarily and seeing if Stonehearth will run without it.

It might solve your problem and we might learn of another program that can interfere with the game.