Game crashes when too much is qued for harvest

Selected an entire forest to harvest, and my game crashed. Also crashed after I selected a large area to mine.

well it is alpha… :smile:


I get large performance shots when I select like 3 or 4 items to harvest, so dont’ feel bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

What build are you on? (it’s on the start screen). Build 205 has been rock steady for me (I typically select the entire screen of trees to harvest at start with no problems), but 201 (the humble bundle version) would crash at the drop of a hat.

The latest Steam build has also been very stable, but many, many new bugs.

Also to add to what @NonBritGit has said - what are your system specs?

I am using 205, but it is still pretty laggy, and has a lot of bugs. Fences getting stuck on the Carpenters block, gates getting stuck on it, fences lagging out and leaving a non-removable block in its place. Just had this HUGE error show up when I was building roads. I know its due to the high level of RAM that is being used, and my computer is by no means slow, and I know it is because of the paths that the game has to take to access all of the files, AND this IS aplha haha. I just wanted these issues to be know. haha.

Although, you did mention the Humble Bundle one crashing alot, do you think if I re-downloaded or even patched it with the one from the source do you think that would assist in getting it to a more stable build.

hey there @Poelord … im not sure what you meant by this suggestion…

but the Humble Bundle build and the Steam “stable” build are identical… if you want a more solid experience, I would suggest playing the stable clients for now…

Processor: AMD FX™ - 8150 Eight-Core Processor 3.60 GHz

RAM: 16.0 GB

Do you know where the stable build on Steam is? Or what the keywords for it are? I tried looking it up when I bought the game, and it was not showing up.

unless you specifically updated your game (in Steam settings) you will have the stable build by default… i’ll see if I can dig up the steps to enable the unstable build, so that you can reverse them if need be… :+1:

As long as you’re not opted in to the beta builds you should be using the stable build? Failing that - download the version from humble bundle, that’s guaranteed to be the latest stable build.

I found out how to find the StoneHearth game on Steam, well not find, but “activate” the game on Steam. I used the Steam Key Code that came with the purchase of the game and it is now downloading. Thanks for informing there was better versions.


This is odd because the Humble Bundle version I got when I purchased recently is build 201 and very buggy. I was suprised how stable 205 was when I ran it from steam. That’s why I asked recently if the HB version gets updated. Maybe they should check the HB version that’s checked in? Prolly all be the same when A9 hits either way, eh?

No the HB version should be the stable version of Alpha 8. I dl’d it the other day…i don’t remember the version number on it though.