Game crashes when too many things happen at the same time

so i start running the game just fine but it seems to crash when too many things are happening at once. however it also happens at random. thanks for your time cant what to see the finished product.

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Can we have some more details please? I assume you’re running Alpha 6, but what about your PC specs? Eg Windows version, CPU, RAM, graphics card… all helpful stuff :slight_smile: .

Also, a little more info on exactly what happens would be good. “Too many things = crash”… like what exactly? Combat? Building? Resource gathering?


yes i am running Alpha 6
eg windows is windows 8
Processor: AMD A10-5757M APU with™ HD Graphics 2.50 GHz
Installed memory (RAM): 6.00 GB (5.45 usable)
System type: 64-bit operating System, x64-based processor
sorry I dont know much about the technical specs :confused:

all things seem to run fine i think it may be when to many things are happening. combat works fine, building works fine, and resource gathering works fine by it self when tomany things happen the game stops responding. it will also happen randomly. sorry hope that helps. and thanks for your time

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It’s normal that the game runs worse when you put it to much throughput, it’s not optimized 100%, the pathfinder is constantly under change to improve this.

This is not a bug (it’s just Alpha), but thanks for confirming anyway. We had some topic out there about what made the game lag/crash the most, if only I could find it…

EDIT: I think it was this, although it talks only about construction…

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thanks for your time

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Hmm, I can’t recall actual CTDs etc due to too much going on though, just corrupt saves and extreme lag (or maybe it’s just my memory?).

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saves have been the only reason why i can play i save every 4 secondish and it will freeze then i close the game open a new one and then it freezes in about 5 seconds again ( hence why i save every 4 seconds) saving works great :smiley:

press windows key + r . type dxdiag.exe hit enter :O)
save all information and upload the file. like this

that way we can download it and look at it.

got the message "new users can not upload attachments

until you’ve made a few more posts and gotten past that. share it via google drive, dropbox or something similar.

This happens to me every 10 minutes or so, too. Literally impossible to enjoy at the moment. It might also be the goblins appearing. For example, when my footman went to engage in battle with a goblin it crashed instantly. And since then, I’ve been stuck on day 8 ;/

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ive had sevrel fights and it is fine. it just does not like running for prolonged periods of time

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