Latest build construction bug?

If you try to build a large multistory building the game goes extremely slow. It will start and stop in short bursts barely being playable. -started upon third floor construction.

I have an fx-8320 at 4.5Ghz so if it’s due to a cpu bottleneck then I believe many other will have this issue. I do notice that during this time a single core was running at nearly 100% while the rest run at about 15%? So it seems like it utilizes many cores but for one certain operation it uses a single. Maybe pathfinding? I’m not sure I didn’t code it.

Anyway I have 16GB RAM and an SSD so I’m assuming it’s some type of cpu bottleneck.

No idea if it helps but the lil bar at the bottom right of my screen goes all blue when it’s messing up.

If you click on the bar, it will give you a more detailed rundown of whats happening. Blue is probably lua, which is the scripting language that manages most ingame processes. It is almost certainly the CPU working very hard to process everything it needs to know to keep building.

I imagine there is a lot of optimisations they can make to get it running more smoothly, but it’s almost certainly not a quick fix.

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The lil bar shows pathfinder at about 50% pathfinder navgrid at 30% and lua at around 20.

They of course change but that’s about what they stay at.

I have no idea if that means anything helpful to you.

Also after they built the 4th floor it smoothed out quite a bit, it took them about 6+ hours to build that single floor… one in game day.

It’s ok now though! :smiley: wonder why they hated that one floor (they’re all identical)

EDIT: Oh nevermind now they simply stopped building. Well I guess that technically fixed it eh? They won’t build past 4 floors? It was a 5 story building.

Oh also they won’t gather the materials that are all over the ground everywhere…

in fact they won’t do anything at all anymore… ok they do but incredibly slowly.

The Lua increases to fill the bar nearly before one moves, everytime it fills one will move.

It takes about… 20+ seconds per person to move.

Them stopping at the fourth floor may simply be the limit of what the AI pathfinder can handle in this version. 80% of your CPU being used by the pathfinder and the pathfinder navgrid definitely means that part is working way too hard. There are some major optimisations coming along for that, maybe in alpha 12.

It doesn’t help with the issue in the short term, but maybe it’ll mostly fix itself with the general fix to pathfinding.

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They don’t work anymore… I’ll shelve it until they fix pathing.