Game crashes r-848

Do we report these still? I thought I’ve read something about not having to report errors in notes for 24.10.1 but I don’t know if it covers only engine errors and not crashes.


Both immediate crashes to desktop.


mining ladders (63.6 KB) <They were removing some ladders and mining stone.
building house (64.4 KB) <Here we are building a normal house and mining dirt.

Versions and Mods: r-848, better stockpiles

System Information: Win 7; i5-2450M CPU @ 2,50 GHz; RAM 6GB; NVIDIA GT 630M 2GB VRAM

Both are the same town. There is around 15 hearthlings and no NPC’s.

This is likely due to the same issue as Latest version, random crashes, see log. If you see it after the next release, please bump this thread.

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