64 Bit Crash while making Roads

Im having the game crash on me while i am using the road layout tool. It just shuts the game down instantly.

same for me but with the roads with a curb that’s the only one for me

Can confirm this, using the road tool 3 separate times underground and above. Auto crash

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can confirm this - when i try to chance the art of the underground and when i try to connect 2 roads ^^

I can confirm this as well, and noticed this same error seems to also occur with the build tool when putting down flooring. Log is attached.

stonehearth.log.txt (127.4 KB)

Fixed for the next build. Thanks!


Thanks you very much, :smile:

thanks for the report and confirmations folks!

and thanks for the update @Albert! (love the new avatar, by the way)…

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The game can also crash while drawing a floor.
This happend to me in my last game.

By the why, where to ding the crash logs/dumps?

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Yeah, it was about time I did something about it! Thanks again for all hard work you put with the community. It makes a huge difference!


hey there @groms … sorry, were you asking about where to find the log reports, or where you can upload them?

if the former, you can find the log file here:


if the latter, you can upload to any free hosting site like filedropper, tinyupload, dropbox, etc.

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ding? hmm why did i write that word … hmmm did not read what i was writing :smiley:
Both are usefull to me, thank you

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you have one on your dingdong? :wink: nice to meet another germanpeople ^^

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