Game crash in the midst of gaming

Was filming the construction of a design with weird scaffolting behavior. Suddenly the game crashes without any erors.

[Enter basic crash description here.
immediate crash to desktop


stonehearth.log (107.2 KB)


crash.dmp (174.2 KB)

Versions and Mods:

Latest unstable version with the use of debugtools. No other mods.

System Information:

win7 64bit
intel i5 3200ghz
nvidia gtx650
8gig ram

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:

its not crashing on start-up. It crashes mid game


[Any additional useful information]

Does the crash happen if you reload the save game? If so, can you also upload the save as well?
I’ll take a look at the crash dump right now.

well i was not really paying attention and it was early in the game. Was my first building. Had allot of ingame close downs in a16. none in a14 or a15. was the first in a17 for me.