Game crashed after loading save


Stonehearth crashed to desktop shortly after loading save game. No error message was displayed. Reloading the same save works without issue.


stonehearth.log (121.0 KB)


crash.dmp (165.5 KB)
Save Game

Versions and Mods:

Alpha 18 release 663 with Debug Tools, Endpieces, and Microworld

System Information:

Windows 10 Education 64 | Intel Core i7-6700K | 32 GB system memory | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Have you attempted basic troubleshooting steps here:

Yes, windows and graphics are up to date, I’m not running full screen, and none of the programs listed are installed.


Was troubleshooting a different save before I loaded my own game. The save that was loaded before the crash is named Heartcoin.