Future overhaul mod concept by Rune

So my first swag at the cast of 9 races i would like to have in my overhaul mod to Stonehearth.

Only one that worries me are the insect like races since i will have to do a custom animation for them ( hoping they have some spider mob that i can use the animation).

comments welcome i know a few of them need a lot of work.
(all the extra color ones are there because my 4 year old daughter wanted me to recolor some to prettier colors).

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wow, someone has been busy! :+1:

i would love to see some of those in more detail, if you can manage to single them out? and those Yeti(s?) look particularly angry… have i offended them? :smile:

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some close ups, i haven’t figured out a good way to get cubicle to render on close up by it self.

And ya the Yeti’s are a bit… um grumpy

wow they look really good i like the pterios and the molocha the best and the yetis lok angrey because of how you have their eye brows placed.

yes, its sort of backed in emotes… but it works well… the dwarf looks like he has been cheated a pint or two…