Fur Rug not been added to stock pile

I am using the latest release.

The Fur Rug is not getting added to the stockpile when created. The weaver is merely placing the about at random.

Showing that the fir rugs are not found in the placement window.

Showing that a stockpile does exits for them (assuming that Fur Rug counts as “goods produced from animal bits”).

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With the current release it’s been my experience that when you designate stockpiles for certain items the crafters will have problems with sorting tools and decorations out, if you use a NON-designated stockpile they have no problem it seems, annoying but game is in alpha :smile:

So far I’ve only seen this problem with Fur Rug and the promotion tools (i forgot about those.) I’ll see if the using a catch-all stockpile will work.

This brings to mind some ideas concerning stockpile. These ideas may have been presented or already part of the future plans, but I’ve not seen anything on it.

Let’s say that we could create sort of a warehouse for all goods or even simply an outdoor stock pile. It would be nice if orders could be given to move some a specific count of each item to a specific stock pile.

I’ve had the problem come up with fence before,