Full body C'thulu!

So, inspired by the recent A17 splash, I drew up a sketch of C’thulu. I used Allie’s rendition of C’thulu in the splash as a base for the face, then for the rest of the body I used the model from the Stonehearth trailer to sort of get everything right. I majorly messed up the feet, but if we look past that I think it was pretty good. It’s just a sketch right now with minor details (i’ll colour and refine it later if I have the time). I hope Allie sees this, she said she was excited about seeing Stonehearth fanart :smiley:

So, over the past few days I’ve been working gradually on this C’thulu
This iteration was my attempt to lazily draw and colour C’thulu but I just don’t work like that and I had to go one step further.

I decided to start sort of fresh, lose the colour and start from an outline. I decided to go with various thicknesses and taper some of the lines to give it a little more pizzaz.

Then came the colouring, i took swatches from Allie’s A17 C’thulu as you can see below and used those as reference for colouring each part of the body. Of course I had to make some of my own colours as Allie’s only feature a small part of the head.

At this point I just wanted to go the whole 5 miles and shade the C’thulu. I started with shadows and finished with highlights to give him a little more life and depth. EDIT: I experimented with light sources :wink:

Overall, im proud of this even though it wasn’t perfect. It’s all part of the learning process and the road to improvement. I just really hope @Allie likes it and flails and makes strange joyous noises :joy:


this is really good! makes me even more excited for when Cthulu is in-game!

let me just page @Allie for you then :wink:

We’re not afraid of Cthulhu!
…cuz we sacrifice pumpkins. Every week. On saturdays. Cthulhu does like pumpkins, right? Right?


Looking back at this, it looks like something off of Chowder for some reason lol


Yess!! So cool!!! He looks awesome, I hope you do find some time to keep workin’ on him : D

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