Faceplant Animation


Why hasn’t anyone come up with funny animations for the Stonehearth characters yet? Maybe I’ve missed some of them, but you can still use this topic as a database for faceplants, slapstick comedy, and comics with animations or still photos of the world of Stonehearth.


Actually, i have started to draw something related to the real size of Cthulu after @Tom showed it in one of the live streams… But from some reasene i can’t focos on anything, so it remains unfinished somewhere…


Most of the problem is that many don’t have the home version of Qubicle which would allow them to export to blender and animate. Very few people do have it, such as @Pandemic and @voxel_pirate, but most people, including me, can’t animate so can’t do any funny animations :crying_cat_face:


I can export if you need help xD Next time just PM me and you’ll get them in a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh no, I don’t need any help (thank you for the very kind offer though), I’m just saying since most people aren’t able to, I think that’s the reason why we haven’t seen any face-plant animations yet :smile:


Yay! Now I can finally animate my creations! I’m abroad right now but when I get back, I’ll definitely send you the .qmo