Facial Animation and Textures Question

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Not sure if this is the right place but here I go…

In one of the twitch TV streams Tom showed some facial expression animation. This appears to be animated textures on the model but in another stream in response to a question about texture packs there was a response about there being no textures in Stonehearth because everything was essentially a coloured cube.

I am at the point where I am playing around with animating some of my little guys (and gals) and wondered what the technique you use for facial expressions. Should I go ahead and UV unwrap the head and animate the texture or is there another approach?

Just a thought from my side. If you define the eyes as a stand-alone “matrix” in Qubicle, just like the hands or legs (as shown by Tom), you should be able to change / animate them later on as you want, no?

Update: I’ve took another look on the count-down stream from Tom. Around minute 33:40 you can see the old Dwarf-model with its pieces. Seems like my idea is not the way they are doing it.

I’m quite sure that those facial expressions where made with black, animated polygons. No texture or voxel magic going on. And I remember getting the impression that it was still at an experimental stage. Either way I think it’s too early to do any serious attempts on this, partly because the technique may not have been fully decided on but mostly because they will probably make the model for “the standard face” available so that all moded animations will work with it.

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