FPS Decrease at 10+ Hearthings [A15]

As it stands I have about 14 Hearthings and my game is cutting and jumping and lagging a lot, even when all hearthlings but farmers are Idle.

When Paused:
Jopkeeping = Max: 85, Min: 30
Network Send = Max: 20
Network Recv = Max: 13
Bfs = Max: 66, Min: 19

When In Play:
Lua jumps to a Max of 88 with a Min of 1

Mind you I have a great PC so that’s not the reason why

For more information, how many buildings do you have?

Does it lag like you’ve described during day or it gets even worse at night (how many lights do you have placed?)

Maybe decrease shaows from the highest setting to the second highest. This at least gave me a massive increase in FPS even with 23 Hearthlings and a lot of buildings/fires and stuff that’s going on.