(Forum Game) Write a Sentence, Create a Story

Following the “One Word Game” it would seem one word doesn’t get us very far.

As such we’ll have the same thing here, but rather than contributing a word, you contribute a sentence.

Make sure that your sentence follows on from the last in some way.

I’ll let whoever posts first have the honour of being the first contributer :smile:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

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There lived an anthropomorphic helmet potato called Nyrixa who ruined everything by inserting clichéd movie references into every possible conversation.


The anthropomorphic helmet potato Nyrixa lived in the desert with his uncle and aunt and eagerly awaits to explore the galaxy.

But, being the scruffy nerf-herder that he was, he was forced to clean his room first.

One fateful day as he was walking out in the desert.

He stumbled across a patch of flowers he had never seen before.

After picking some flowers for his aunt he went to the big desert city to buy something from the market.

Upon arrival at the marketplace, he noticed it was eerily quiet…too quiet.

Perching his potatoey self upon the nearest stall, Nyrixa gazed into the darkness of the alleyway opposite.

Something misshapen was lurking in the depths, foraging for food among the trash strewn across the floor.

Quickly throwing his trusty revolver at it with all the skill of a master knife thrower he spies that it was in fact just a harmless pure white bunny rabbit.

Harmless, save for there was something special about this little critter.

Emerging from the shadows staring into the depths of Nyrixa the white rabbit uttered two simple words: “Follow me”.

It was white, but there was no white rabbits on this planet so it must’ve been bred in captivity and given the state of it it’s owner was likely close by. Maybe they has something to do with the silence?

grumble grumble ninja’d

Starting to head towards the rabbit he hears a sound and quickly ducks as he sees the glint of steel flying towards him out of the corner of his eye.


THUD! Impaled in the wall, inches above his head, was an Allegiance Scout’s dagger.

Whirling towards the source of the dagger he sees in the distance the Dread Pirate Blackpaw, scourge of the 7 stars, seducer of wives, and slaughterer of the Allegiance.

Doesn’t sentences just work so much better?

A sudden, fierce yearning to render judgement upon Blackpaw welled up in his chest, and as he started to shout, "HALT IN THE NAME OF—he was touched on the shoulder by a robed figure who simply whispered, “Not yet. The time for that will come.”

EDIT: Sorry @Xavion for the Ninja haha :stuck_out_tongue:
EDIT2: Is mine one sentence? :confused:

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A man with white hair a top hat and the most beautiful moustache Nyrixa had ever seen! The strange man said “By jove! I do say its time for a cup of tea would you two gentlemen follow me inside?”

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Nyrixa noticed that the man’s right hand was not a human appendage at all, but a mechanical contraption of blue-black steel.

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