{Forum Game} The Person Above You is Your Partner in a Zombie Apocolypse


I’m Jack, and I’m new to the Stonehearth Forums, and I just wanted to start my time here with a little game which I may or may not have stolen from elsewhere…

How to Play:

So, the rules are quite simple. All you have to do is say what you would do, or what would happen if the person above you turned our to be your partner in a Zombie apocalypse.


I haven’t thought of everything :frowning:

So yeah, here’s the thread, and I may see some of you around the Forums some time :wink:



hey there @Jack … welcome aboard! :smile:

given the friendly persona your avatar seems to imply, i think if you were my partner in a zombie apocalypse, we would die relatively soon… you dont look like you have it in you to bash zombies into oblivion… :blush:

edit: looks at his own avatar and chuckles


If you were my partner in the apocalypse, Steve, I think you’d get me to do all the killing. And paperwork. And food making. And planning. Basically everything.



I can see him in a deck chair, umbrella up, sipping on a cocktail, while you are fending off a horde of Zombies, whipping you to work harder.


Not whipping, sir… He’d get the hose out. Trust me, you don’t want to see the hose. Ever.

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Dreading the feeling… shivers

Well welcome to our little part of the internet!

Steer clear of the map game, that seems to bring out the worst in people and it’s a haven of depravity.

If you run into any problems or just have some general questions then feel free to direct them at @SteveAdamo or myself and I’m sure we’ll be able to help!

Seeing as we’ve already done you, if @Alfie were my partner in a zombie apocalypse, his one sole purpose would be to act as a human popsicle, valiantly giving up his life so that I can live.


I’m getting a negative vibe here… :wink:

While @Alfie is a popsicle, I do believe @Geoffers747 would be testing out his stand-up comedy routine on the zombies in an attempt to defeat evil with that greatest of all weapons, laughter.

And while I don’t believe he’d be very successful, he’d serve as an excellent distraction while I made a run for it.


It might not be successful but it’d be a pretty big crowd so I can’t complain too much.

Run Spu Run!


while i would love nothing more than to be partnered with @Geoffers747 during a zombie apocalypse (or any other “get together” for that matter), in order to prove my undying love and unwavering devotion to the man/myth… i’m afraid we’re contractually obligated to maintain these forums… we can’t both be slain…

only one of us should go… and… and i want that to be me… no, don’t shed any tears…

we’ll always have that shady club, that one night Paris!

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Here , Here , words of wisdom from our favouraite moderator/admin person


@SteveAdamo has been partnered up with people to much so I guess I’ll partner myself with @Geoffers747

I would tell him to Close this thread for a while :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: whilst I prepare my Nuclear Bunker and Equip myself with the best weapons I can find

Well, if @Dwarf were my partner, We’d stock up on weapons and food til’ the End of the World hit our area, we’d close up the Vault Door, and listen to Dean Martin on our Stereo. Unfortunately @Dwarf wasn’t strong enough to turn the Vault’s wheel lock, and so he says “Meh, close enough”, and join me with my 1940s radio endeavors.

And the Zombies came up to the vault door and gave it a slight push and opened it all up… And we were caught defenseless with nothing but some Pizza and a jar of Tar Tar… sauce?… I don’t wanna know what Dwarf planned to do with that.

If @Vince5754 was my partner I would have him haul my large safe of guns while I stand on top yelling at him to run faster, or he’d be the guy who sits behind the “NT’s Barter Shop” counter while I reading in the back.

If @naturalnuke was my partner I’d tell him to get a pickaxe and some weapons while I dug till we were far enough away from the Zombies to be safe

Alternatively I’d use him as a Meat-Sheild

Well @Naturalnuke I’m not much help when it comes very heavy lifting, Its more likely that you’d be watching your own bloody Barter Shop, while I build some large and potentially superfluous contraption to use against the Zombie horde, such as a device that walks the zombie’s dogs, or a giant statue of Tim Conway.

While you build the Conway I can use my extensive supplies of weapons to protect you. Also all you have to do is drive the forklift.

If @Vince5754 were my partner in a zombie apocalypse, then I’d probably find a gun, put it in my mouth, and pull the… gun out of my mouth (eheheh). After that, I’d go on a massive rampage as he stands back, jaw open, eyes wide with awe, as the hordes fall before me. Then, after valiantly fighting for days on end, the zombie horde would be defeated, save for the one Michael Geackson (mix of Michael Jackson and Geoffers [get it?]) zombie, who will slowly outdance me until my weary legs give out beneath me. The last of humanity, though, will go on in the form of Vince5754.

If @ManOfRet was my partner in a Zombie Apocalypse, I would probably go Savage and eat him after the food runs out. I am a dog after all.