[Forum Game] Let's Race?

As we can see, “our strategy game” is one of the most active topics on the forums.
How about we start another game, but in different genre? :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the idea: a racing (for example F1) manager. Each player got one driver with his team and tries to be the best.

Additional Info:

  1. Every team starts as equal, to avoid problems and bragging.
  2. Stats will be visible
  3. Each turns will end with a race, which will be live on Twitch.


  1. We’ll play by turns. Each turn has two phases:
  • Research Phase: researches to improve the team car, May be used also to train the driver.
  • Negotiation Phase: discussion with the drivers about joining the team. If Team leader sent a contract to a player, and a player has signed it - the player is in the team.
  • Orders Phase: send informations to the driver about the next race. If Team has more than the possible number of player, the Leader must select, which players will go for a race. Remember about those three informations:

[quote]Roughness: how rough the driver will try to ride to get the highest position possible
Aggression: how tough will be the driver against the higher-placed opponents
Defense: how tough will be the driver against the lower-placed opponents[/quote]
2. At least try to be rational. OP actions may be blocked by me or by ‘the simulator’
3. How to Apply? Just write this form:

[quote]As a driver
Name of driver: player’s nickname
Country: ‘the simulator’ includes anthems for the winners of competition :slight_smile:
As a team leader
Name of the team: You propably know what to write here.
Colors: colors of your team’s car.
Example turn?

If there will be 4 or more players to the Sunday, I will stream a ‘test competition’ this day @ 14:00 GMT at my Twitch channel. ( Twitch ). The competition will be held on Buddh International Circuit (India, 10 laps). If not, then… Shame on me, but the mods will be allowed to close this thread.

Have fun! :slight_smile:


Name Of Driver: Newf

Country: Ireland

Team Leader

Name Of Team: Irish Muscle

Colors: Red

(If we can only be one I will be a Driver.)


Name of Driver: @Gridnick

Country: Nepal

Team Leader

Name of team: The driving Yaks

Color: Dark grey


Name of Driver: Guess who?

Country: Moria (?)


Name of Team: The Pickaxes

Colour: Tempered steel