For the nostalgic at heart: Stonehearth First Look

it was a little over one year ago (Nov 9th, 2012) that this first look arrived on Youtube, and the internetz were forever changed for the better… :smile:

as the preview release is set to arrive in the coming weeks, i thought it might be fun to reminisce, discuss your thoughts when you first saw this footage, and comment on how the game has evolved since this video was released… :+1:


Hahaha! Coincidence! I was watching it yesterday! Oh how things have changed! I believed the scaffolding is gone now isn’t it? Or did I mis-interpret one of the live streams?

hmm… i hadn’t heard that… as far as i know, scaffolding is still in place…

pun somewhat intended…

I think you may have misinterpreted :slight_smile:

I believe there was an instance where somebody asked whether or not the scaffolding system would change (and then gave an example of what it should change to). But as far as I remember the consensus was that it would still remain :slight_smile:

It was actually not the first video I saw. I only discovered Stonehearth during the kickstarter.
I wonder who was around here during that time. I was sold the first time I saw it.
Stonehearth looks a lot different now, other UI, different landscape.

@Geoffers747 hmm… my fault then, but I thought somewhere was said that, to make modding easier, the building system was changed and with that… the scaffolding… but I can’t find it anymore… so my ghostly brain must be tricking me!

What? Did i miss something?

On topic:
As mentioned in my other thread, i learned about Stonehearth just a few weeks ago. I watched nearly every Youtube video available about this game. And there are not many that show something different!
The posted video above (and all other videos on the official YT channel) i’ve viewn multiple times :smile:

Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

hahahaha… no, fear not… i simply meant it to mean “shortly before”, which in game development terms can mean virtually anything… :wink:

edit: as my wording seems to have caused some confusion, i’ve updated the OP to make it a bit more clear… :smile:

Aaaawwwwww :frowning:
(make this 20 characters)

Well, I hadn’t learned about Stonehearth until what I think was the secondth Friday of May. One of my friends told showed me the introduction video and not long after, I backed the game on Kickstarter.

The game has changed much, from a small RTS that was not well know, to a much hyped and amazing game, with a large fanbase.

Just to clarify for anyone reading this … it has always been a city building/ management game, the combat was/is described as having RTS influences/ elements to it.

We are steadily growing!

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I’m really excited and am looking forward to playing the Alpha 1. This game has great potential and I love the multi-player concept of trading and interacting with other players’ towns.