Footmen are not using better equipment

Want to state that this bug is back…

Where’s the better equipment? I just see talismans in the stockpile. Where did you have better weapons?

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i believe @SirAstrix mixed up the stone mauls and blacksmith hammers… or maybe he just really likes blacksmiths and wants 3 of them…


That’s what we see at first sight, but talismans have the characteristic glow, so he should have noticed. Maybe he has better equipment elsewhere… We must not prejudge things until we have confirmed the information. We could simply go to the game files, but it’s better to ask first :confused:

I must have mixed them up. I’m on a fail trip right now apparently.


I haven’t seen this bug in awhile,
@SirAstrix still having any other issues with this?

I’ve seen this happen too. It sometimes happens because they thought about using that equipment once and for some reason it wasn’t available, so then they forget about it completely. I will look into fixing it. In the meantime, drawing a new stockpile sometimes makes them remember the equipment is still there. Might need to empty a crate if the equipment is in the crate.
Thanks for reporting this!


Each weapon has a level associated with it. If the footman, archer, or knight is not high enough level, they can’t use that weapon. The short sword, for example, takes a level 3 knight, and as such the footman will never be able to equip it. If you click on the item in storage the tooltip shows you the requirements,