Footman not using power spike

I just noticed I never see my 2 lvl 6 footmen use power spike. Does cleave replace power spike? Cleave doesn’t say anything about extra single target dmg, and the area dmg seems pretty pathetic, so personally think I’d rather have power spike back…

Not all effects and abilities are fully implemented yet, IDK if power spike is one of them but if it is in then it probably looks a lot like cleave anyway.

It’s an overheaded smash. I’ve seen my footmen using it many times before they level up and get cleave. It does double damage to single target, which is pretty useful on all those archers that you hit once and they run. It is easy to tell the 2 apart.

From what i have seen, it seems to depend on the weapon they carry: A single-handed weapon causes them to only do the power spike (overhead smash), while a two-handed only makes them do the cleave (spin attack, DEMACIA!).

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Exactly, @Qwert26! And since the highest power weapons for the footmen are all two-handed, they will never use the power spike move again. Also, hearthlings automatically equip themselves with the highest power weapon that they have access to and is within their level range. Even though there is an iron shield for them, they never use it.