Overhead Swing?

When footmen reach level 3 they get the overhead swing attack where they do a little flip and smah their sword down. I don’t see that attack happening. Is it just me? :confused:

ive definitely seen it, its a kinda “rare” move.

note: i saw it in A 10.5, i havent played A 11 yet.

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It’s not rare for me. They do that a lot. I would prefer if they didn’t though, not a very smart thing to do in a real combat situation. :laughing:

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I’ve seen it, but I’m not really convinced by it. It takes too much time and often, by the time they hit, their comrades have already killed the enemy. The animation, though, is amazing.
That reminds me that the animations are made for swords and clubs, but they look weird with the spear…