Footman Health Suggestion


First and foremost, I have to say that I absolutely love Alpha 15! I’m able to actually play for a very extensive amount time now, and moreover, because of that, have just realized all over again how awesome this game is!

Secondly, just wanted to say I also really like the idea of the new market stall. Not only is great for decoration, but actually has a purpose! Just… just… awesome, guys.

Finally, and mainly… I just had a quick suggestion.

Just now, I had four footmen attacking about 6 of those… um, rock, things…

Anyway, I realized I had a bit of a difficult time seeing which hearts (Health Indicators) were representing my men, and which ones showed the health of the enemy. And of course, this is important to know in case you need to make one of your guys retreat.

So! I was thinking… What about different colored hearts to represent different entities? For instance, and perhaps the obvious one… Red Hearts represent your Hearthlings and Slime Green Hearts indicate an enemy.

Just a thought.

But! Most importantly, let me know what you guys think!




Just wanted to say I agree 110% with this idea. I frequently have the same issue, and distinguishing enemy from friendly health indicators would be great. (Not sure about slime green though, what color exactly is slime green?)


i imagine it something like this,

where as the normal one is something like this,



Cool! And as for the color…


Thanks for the imagery.

And that works, in a way. But I was thinking a more… heck if I know… as more evilish, sort of puke green… if that makes any sort of sense…

And really, it doesn’t matter.

But yeah, thanks for the comments guys.



like this?

or is that too yellow now?



No, that’s spot on!

But, what do you think?

Or… do you think it could be more sort of, I guess ‘obvious’ would be the term… That being that your Hearthlings would have Blue Hearts and the enemy would have Red Hearts.

Again, what do you think?


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about the colors? or the idea on a whole?

because i could go either way with the colors.

but i absolutely love the idea, more ways to differentiate between good guys and bad guys from afar is always a good thing in my opinion.

green and red would be best, as i think most people see red as being HP, so changing your hearthlings HP color to something like blue might get confusing, and enemy HP colors dont always matter so much as long as you can tell it apart from your HP… does that make sense?



Exactly! That’s why I went with the green and red in my first example.

But great! Thanks for the comment.



Could go even step further with skellies and other potential undeads? Instead of hearts, they’d have a skull that’d get “piesliced” the same way hearth indicator happens.

Oh… and if there’s going to special abilities, maybe hearts/skull/yak life indicators could also get special effects when such abilities are triggered.

Like a zombie necromancer preparing spell, his indicator getting red eyes to the hollow sockets. Hearthling entering a state of enrage, his HEART BURNS WITH FLAMES OF PASSION!

Yeah, could go all kinds of nuts with health indicators >.>



Oh man! That’s awesome!

Great idea man.


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I agree with not using green, to me that would be a ‘good’ colour, and would probably confuse me too.

That said, a hearthling’s heart could turn green if poisoned/infected so you know they have a debuff…
Although multiple colours could get out of hand quickly :sweat_smile:


And while we’re at it, an option for colorblind people should be considered as well. Changing the shape of energy containers would benefit all players, might be more work for the devs, though.


This is a great idea.


Well, hearthlings are people and have red blood. Goblins, monsters, and the undead have ichor, I.e., green blood.

Edit: alternatively, use grey or black hearts for undead

Or just add small icons, borders or whatnot around the hearth icon? You know… status (de)buffs icons from MMORPGS. Sure, might make combat look too cluttered if the Stonehearth ends up having alot of status effects, but atleast it’s easier for the colorblind, I think?

Expanding on my own heart shapes. Just like undead faction would have skulls instead hearts, goblins could have… little horns on their hearts or slightly different looking hearts?Like bit shorter and little wider than hearthling hearts?

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@Haymaker, @Hieronymous, @SachielMF,

Huh! These are all fantastic ideas guys!

And a good call for the consideration of color-blind people.

All of these ideas, just awesome.

Hopefully some, or any, of this can make it into the game!