Food named "? ? ?" is apparently tasty

One of my villagers commented in a rather excited way about eating a “???”. Specifically, here is their full comment (with the red underline)

The only available food at the time were berries, turnips, pumpkins, and I think racoon jerky. No idea what that particular villager was eating as I didn’t notice the weirdness of the message until everyone had finished eating.

This was in 64-bit version of build 2148.


Wow… that’s still there? I remember this bug from a long, long time ago.

I’m guessing it’s a turnip from past experience.


hmmmm perhaps i should control this also in the cookmod from froggy xD prob: the text is so little that mostly i cant read it xD

On the point of it most likely being A Turnip, I’ve also noticed that the grammar used by villagers when referring to turnips is often a bit odd. Mostly because they always call it “A Turnip” with the capital A even in the middle of a sentence, much like Campton Pounder in the screenshot above. It usually feels like the indefinite article isn’t necessary. Perhaps instead of just using the name of an item like that there should be a separate string stored with the item to be used in those messages. Just an idea.