[Con] Plate of Berries - Abandoned Forever R188


Minor issue but a plate of berries that was supposed to be consumed by a minion was not and is now permanently stuck and ignored by them on the ground.

I have not seen this happen with any other foodstuffs yet.

{A0.7} R 188


This happened a lot in the first Alpha, you know xD

But yeah, it was fixed at some point, but I’ve seen it sparely in the last releases. Quite difficult to reproduce I guess. Perhaps it has to do with another bug that says the settlers try to change the object they are carrying… I don’t know :confused:

I had it happen when goblins attack and they was eating, and went to alert. they drop the food, then go get another one after.


This seems plausible.

If at least the plate destroyed itself when the person who’s eating/carrying it changes task… it wouldn’t get stuck in the floor forever :disappointed_relieved:

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I can confirm even in the latest build, (195?) That this still happens; but only with berries. I’ve got a berry plate that stuck when I issued an alert but a little while later someone who was eating pumpkin didn’t have this problem.

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thanks for the confirmations folks… [tagged]

hmm… and you can consistently reproduce the error by issuing an alert?

Hey Steve,

Seems worth a shot, hold on.


Sorry Steve, I cannot reliably get it to repeat; at least in my current game :confused:

Maybe it only happens when there is an alert and enemies. I will keep trying,


no worries! these are all still valid data points… :smile: :+1:

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It’s happened again, this time with a hearthling that was in a chair.

Only happens with berries, only when alert is generated with enemies nearby. All other crops unaffected.


excellent… thanks for the follow-up @GordonFawks… :+1: