[Dup] Trays of food behind seated character

Randomly I’m getting some trays of berries floating behind the seated character (Arched chair), when they are eating. Some suddenly snap back into the correct place, whereas others remain in place until the character stands up, after their meal.

Thanks for reporting. This seems to be a common issue since long ago, it’s also reported here and here.

Apologies - Did try searching on this forum but couldn’t find anything. Did I not search well enough, or it appears to be on a different forum? Should I be checking there also?

Well, the other forum is more official for reporting bugs, but we’re accepting them in this forum, too. The other contains a more up-to-date list of known bugs. Also, you can check the template for reporting a bug.
The other bug you mentioned about the fire is there, but as it’s not in this forum, I guess it won’t be closed. I didn’t manage to find a matching report here :confused:

Ok, cool - Will report on the other site in that case to avoid replication in the future. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks also for the awesome game so far RadEnt, and the interaction with the community throughout has been great!

no problem @Brussells… thanks for the report, and welcome aboard! :smile: