Flying wooden door


Steps to reproduce:

  1. i don’t know how. it happened when i opened my save a few weeks later. after several updates
  2. a villager placed a door on a chest without reason (as i can remember)
  3. i removed the chest but i can’t remove the door

Expected Results:

break or remove the door

Actual Results:

flying door without any building attachment



Version Number and Mods in use:
last version no mods

System Information:
windows 8.1
gtx 870M

One thing you might be able to do is to place a chest back in the original spot, then build a ladder against the chest that would allow your Hearthling to reach it.

Another thing that might work would involve using the console commands (crtl-c) selecting the door and using the (teleport) command to place it on the ground.

Might be a bug with the loading an old save, could just destroy the door via console commands.

I’m going to mark this as #not_a_bug. placed items aren’t affected by gravity, so it is possible to make them float by removing objects beneath them. @Geokhan’s suggestion to place a ladder is likely the easier without touching the console.

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ok i am sorry if it is not a bug but i am quite new on the forum and on the game too. it is just when i select the door i have no action avalaible, and i can’t find the building it belong to. I gonna search for the console commands in the game. thank you very much for the help

No need to apologize! We’d much rather get reports that turn out to be false alarms than not get reports. As to the door not having an option to be undeployed, that seems related to this (maybe) issue: