Floppy's VoxelCorner

Floppy’s Voxel Corner

Welcome to my little VoxelCorner. I’ll be posting all my WIP projects here and showcase what I’ve got. I would really appreciate if you guys give your honest opinion on things. Help and tips are also welcome :relaxed: .

So the first thing I’ve worked on are some Cherry Blossom trees and Aspen trees. I’m quite happy now with the results. So I will continue to work on other small projects that will pop-up here.


If you would like to use any of my models in your mod or game, please send me a message and I’ll send you the QB files. I’m not ready yet to publish them just like that because they are just mere parts of packages. When I’ve got a big selection of stuff to share I’ll make a nice mod for them myself or I’ll just put the QB files out there for people to use as long as I agree with the end uses of the models. I will make a separate section for this later in the future.

Here is a link to any older versions of my models.


Cherryblossom trees V3:

Aspen Trees V2:

Tiger Lily V1:

I would like to add some pictures of them in-game but I’m not sure of how to do that at the moment. Once I’ve finished a whole series of trees (small, medium, large, ancient) I’ll pack them together and make them available somewhere.


The top one looks better, but I think that’s just because it has the grid on it. Without the grid, some of the shape is lost because there’s so few colors on the wood. I’ve never actually seen a cherry blossom tree, so what do I know? But, yeah. Looks good, except for the colors blending into each other :smiley:

It’s good, except for the fact the branches seem too separate from each other. Also, fun fact: If that were scaled to the scale of other stonehearth trees, it would probably be as big as the ancient oak.

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Yea, that’s why I want to decrease the amount of separate blocks and make bigger chunks of the same colour. I’ll have to work on that more, but thanks for the feedback grinning

yes something I had some difficulties with. It is on scale with the ancient oak but I don’t have much room for making the branches longer. I will make a V2 soon. Only thing I’m wondering about is if I can change the matrix so its a bit wider then the oak.

Not sure which one of v1 or v2 is the best, they may be too similar for my eyes…

Anyway a good thing to have in mind is the need of squared models. All in SH need to be squared, so the more you add “smoothness” the better it may look but NOT for SH. That’s a pretty hard rule to follow specially when what you want to adapt need lots of detail…

Yea, i’m working on that right now, a toned down version with less smaller blocks and more squared out clusters of bigger blocks.

Updated the Cherry Blossom Tree to V3. I’m a lot Happier with this result.

I like this one more as well.

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Uploaded Aspen Tree V1, some opinions would be helpfull.

Wow, much better. They look like fairy trees! :smiley:
(No offense, I just imagined them on a forest and it looked magical somehow…)
I also want to see them in game. They look great.

The aspen trees might look a bit more cleaner if they didn’t have that much detail in the leaves. I see several colors on the shadowed parts, which are a nice texture, but maybe they are not necessary. In any case, just follow your style. It’s nice to see some texture from time to time, too :smile:

Thanks ^^, and yes, i’ve noticed that too. I’m still playing around with the colors. I think i will indeed change them to one basic color instead of the textured one.

Do you think you could make a model of pepe frog, doge and the gnome child slayer?

Those are some great names you say there. I’m not sure if i have the power within me to create such beautiful things but i shall try my best.

EDIT: After some digging around I found out that it could only be a 2D picture, because making a Cube out of a Pepe would make it around 350000 blocks, something Qubicle doesn’t like. If u want I can upload them here so you can use it as a banner or art or something.

after some failed attemps I’ve kind of made a Gnome Slayer. Its hard to work on this big of a scale when working with voxels :sweat_smile: .

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  • Added 2 kinds of medium Cherry Blossom trees, need some help deciding which one is better
  • Cleaned the Aspen trees so there are less leaves-kind textures as suggested by @Relyss

I, personally, prefer the square cherry blossom’s shape, but I like the spherical’s coloring more.


Thanks, I’ll try to make a combination of the 2, the shape of the squared one, and the colors of the spherical.

  • Updated the medium Cherry Blossom tree to have 2 models. One is slightly bigger (couldn’t decide which one I like more :sweat_smile: ).

Looking great! Personally, I prefer the bigger one.


i’m loving your work so far @Floppy :smile:

though i do want to mention that your large tree is more like the ancient oak, but that was most likely intended, so i’ll just close my mouth… :no_mouth:

agreed :smile:

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Thanks for the sweet words Crab. I’m still working on the size of that one. I think I scaled it as the ancient oak, but took down to much and it became the size of a big oak, I’ve been working on some flowers now for a change :blush: . After I’m done with the flower I’ll go back to finishing the Cherry Blossom trees. Been quite busy with work :sweat: