Fixed position combat UI

The Problem:
Sometimes, particularly when playing at higher speed settings, it requires too many clicks to respond to a combat situation.

For example, if I am in the building editor, it takes 5 steps just to get my soldiers moving:

  1. Close Building Editor.
  2. Open Combat Menu.
    3: Select Squad.
    4: Select Attack Move action.
    5: Select Target.

This gives combat a very clunky feel, especially since there is usually not much warning before an attack hits.

Proposed Solution:
Move the combat menu to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, above the stats there. Have that menu always be active and keeping context of the currently selected group.

This menu:

  • Appears when you promote your first combat class (footman or cleric, under the current classes)
  • Is minimizeable
  • Background color matches color of currently selected combat group
  • Has the following controls:
  • 4 Combat Group Flags (with empty groups greyed out), each flag showing number of members.
  • Button to open group assignment menu.
  • Name of currently selected combat group (Configurable names would be nice, color names for the color blind will do.)
  • Combat action buttons for currently assigned combat group (Attack-move, defend area, move, cancel orders.)
  • This control should never lose the current combat group selection.

This would change my example above to:

Keeping main army selected in combat control

  1. Close Building Editor.
  2. Select attack Move action.
  3. Select Target.