Fix for fencing

As an advocate for better fencing in Stonehearth, I think I’ve found a way to possibly fix problems with wooden/stone/other fences.

  1. A ‘fence corner’ is added to the crafter’s list of items. It’s basically a fence but with one of the boards turned inward. That way, you still have to craft the fences, and it maintains the uniform space between fence posts. Of course, spacing would be an issue, but that could always be overcome by just planning ahead/for it.

  2. Fences automatically ‘snap’ to walls, i.e. it stretches to fit. This provides an aesthetically pleasing, completely enclosed fencing space - especially if it’s up against a wall or any other block, really. This might present a challenge to code but I don’t doubt TR’s abilities.

What do you think? Has this been posted before, and I’m reviving/restating an idea?

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I like the snap to wall idea! I hate that little gap when trying to fence in my town with stone fences. The gap makes me feel unsafe and unsecured. I fear for my hearthlings.

Hehe, it also makes me feel like those pesky poyos/sheep/rabbits can sneak out of their pastures. Or, conversely, into my farm fields. It doesn’t seem like they do, so atleast there’s that.

I’m not sure a corner post is needed, the fences were cleverly built to join up if you place them correctly, but boy I would love to have a box tool I could use to draw out where I want a fence just like I can draw out a pasture. (Actually, if you did make that kind of tool you would need a fence corner piece, but only for certain fence sizes.)

Wait, even better. if I drop a fence gate on the edge of a field or a pasture (or a new empty zone for decorative “gardens”) the game calculates the pieces I’d need to surround that drawn rectangle, takes into account any currently existing adjoining fences/walls/cliffs, queues them up at the crafter, and designates their placement for me. Power fences. Yes please.

I was just about to start a new topic for the gripe I#ve just stumbled on in the game, but it fits here (pardon the pun) quite well.

5-tile wide gates?! When the game seems to favour 4-tile widths (when mining large areas, for example). I use the 4-wide ‘default’ as the basis for planning my towns, so my pathways are of course four tiles wide. But I just went to set down a stone gate… It’s off-centre!

It’s just me and my slightly OCD, grid-based mind, but it bugs me! I now have to convert everything to 3- or 5-tile wide paths, or shudder live with it.

What do you mean they join up? As far as I am aware, when you place their edges at 90 degree angles the very edges clip together, and realistically there is always a corner post at fences. I know the game isn’t about realism but that isn’t exactly something to gripe over.

this mod still works

what if the fence was placed on a 1x2 instead of a 1x1? and at each end there is half of a post, instead of the post being in the middle. this would make it so the fences can connect to walls, and there are corner posts. it would be easier for Radiant, I think.

well whatever radiant does im happy with the end pieces mod

Hey, there are plenty of fence pieces that will allow you to end the fence right next to the wall or have it connect to the wall.

On a slightly related note, I think it might be better if fences weren’t made one piece at a time to be honest. Trying to fence in a 30x30 area takes upward of two in game days for goodness sake, and thats with manually placing every piece of fencing. maybe it would be better for fences to work more like walls do, where you can just sort of place them down? maybe the carpenter could make like wood boards to build them with or something, i don’t know.

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Being able to place them like the stone walls in the building editor would be nice, and then it would just be autoqued to build if you don’t have enough in stockpiles.