Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


Yes, if ace is not present, the log will report every single change it tried to apply to its files. I will test a new way to apply compatibility patches that should avoid this, as in, it will not even try if ace is not active. The same for other mods too.


Ah that would be awesome, thank you <3


Suddenly my fisher isn’t harvesting the crab traps - they are next to water & have crabs in them but there’s no option to harvest them or am I missing something - I’m using ACE plus a “few” more mods


If I recall correctly, the Fisher now harvests traps automatically - or at least I remember that once a crab is trapped it already calls the harvest command

So something might’ve made it not work or you might’ve cancelled it by accident, have you recently used the “Cancel orders” tool near the traps? (assuming that is possible, I don’t know)

(I might be saying boo boo, though :smiley: But I’m almost 100% sure the traps now automatically call the fisher for harvesting)


No I even undeployed & redeployed the traps to see if that would reset them & they still won’t be harvested - yes I do remember they were on auto-harvest previously.

I’m wondering if the ACE auto harvest may be interrupting?


Nope. ACE auto harvest does not under any circumstances cancel harvest orders, and the first thing the override of the base renew function does is call the old renew function (and it doesn’t touch any systems outside the renewable_resource_node_component).


Send me your save file. I will check what is the issue. It is also possible (but useless when things are working fine) to use the harvest tool on those.
The usual way it works is like you expected, when there is a crab in the trap, the fisher would go there on his own.