Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • New items:
    Added aquarium and fish hanging as decorations
    Added colorful fish and nemo as rare fishing loot
    Updated old fish model with small random varieties
    A few special items will be considered an attraction by travellers

Bug Fixes:

  • Geomancer:
    His surface summon stone will now summon green grass as expected instead of yellow sand.
    He now got proper stones for yellow sand.

  • Fishing:
    Will not error anymore when fishing at level 1.

  • Missing jobs:
    Will not error anymore when the mod tries to look for a job (carpenter, fisher, geomancer) that the current kingdom does not have in its job tree.

  • Leaks:
    Fixed memory leak that would happen when fishing was interrupted.
    Fixed destroying buildings resulting in pieces of the dock used in it getting stuck in the terrain.

Unless more bugs appear, this will be the last update for a while. For now, I’m going to focus on something else.


It have been a long time since I play stonehearth last time,I really like this biome so I choose archipelago ofcurse,when i see new landmark on my island I fell like… WoooooooW!!!That is awesome
When I first see that mob appear in my island(I know this is not mod’s addon),I was thinking…that…is there gonna to have a valcano in archipelago?


The mod actually have a volcano in its files for more than 2 years now :stuck_out_tongue: It was intended to spawn rocks and minerals from time to time (to overcome the lack of mountain in the old generation), and would have a role in a specific step in the biome campaign.
At the time, it didn’t worked. It was twice the size limit allowed to spawn in the map.
Plans changed and there is no need to spawn rocks anymore, so I dropped it. Maybe I can renew it later with the new landmarks mechanics.


I’m not sure if this has been asked already but any chance for coconut palm seeds so we can have coconuts in other biomes?? :smiley:


Sure, no need to restrict it anymore. I just need to recolor it to better fit the other biomes. (I already did this with the papaya, it is darker elsewhere, while vibrant green in the islands)


You could make it a quest where you can “finance” expeditions to the “new world”, maybe even send a hearthling, and get tropical goods :3


The thing is these are, you know, coconuts…


Yes but you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: Palm tree seeds for the coconut palms to grow them


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Volcano:
    It is a new landmark. It should replace the “crab island” in the geomancer craftable landmarks as that one could bug the game really hard if your water bugged when placing it… The island will still spawn naturally at world gen though.
    Magma is harvestable for minerals, but will also spawn hostile mini zillas when depleted.
    Thanks for reviving the idea @TheHeiRou

  • Trees:
    Palm and papaya trees will now be climbed to reach and harvest the fruits at the top.
    Palm trees can now be planted in foreign biomes. You need a herbalist to heal a coconut and fertilize it again, then just plop it down and wait for it to grow.
    Thanks for the request @Auryanna


That lava looks awesome! :smiley:
Does it flow in some way or is it just static, glowing terrain?


The effects should give the illusion of movement with changes over time, but overall the object is static.


Awesome job, as usual!


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


  • Fisher:
    New workbench: mainly to work with the new crafting times, as it would look strange to see a hearthling hammering a block in the ground for a whole hour, so now they should work in a nice table instead.
    Better ai: it was common to a fisher starting at a random location to walk to a dock, fish, and then when looking for a storage, chose the closest one to his original old starting position, not the new current position at the dock. This is fixed, and fish racks should have a higher preference too.

  • New templates:

    The old generic fisher hut template got updated.
    Rayya’s and Northern A. version added, available only for those specific kingdoms.
    They all have fisher decorations and use only their main crafter material and items.

  • New mob:
    Shows in random encounters and can appear after harvesting the shipwrecks

  • Auto-Harvest:
    Finally added support for it. Sorry for missing it for so long.

  • Trees:
    Fixed hearthlings getting stuck while climbing/harvesting trees. Reverted it back to normal harvest like any other plant. Had too many bad side effects and bugs :frowning:


You should make somekind ofd totorial for making new classes as their is pretty much nothing out their rn which makes the modding community very small as only people with prior experiece will know what to do. @BrunoSupremo


I’m not good teaching, I’m more of a sponge type.
The best way to learn is to open the mods files and check how it is done. Best ones for that are the smaller or more focused on what you need. Bigger mods are usually not a good learning source as there is too much going on, and a lot of stuff is hooked into others so it ends up being hard to untangle it all and absorb what you really need.
That said, there are a few mods that just adds new jobs.
New crafters or militaries are the easiest types to make. All the code is already done and you just need to come up with new items and data. Other job types, like this fisher, ends up requiring new code and logic, so it is harder for someone without much experience.

Either way, here is a good starting point that I love to link whenever possible :slight_smile: Stonehearth's Modding Guide


Okay thanks.


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

Updated to Stonehearth 1.1 and its new code standards.


  • Better minimap at the screen to select the starting position of a new game
  • Coconut, smoothie and stews now uses a drinking animation instead of eating
  • Cocolings improved model

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a small bug that could happen if the fisher started working before the game had time to fully load his a.i.
  • Fixed crash when placing a dock at the world edge
  • Rabbits (from the rabbit kingdom mod) can now fish without bugs (there are plans for a fishing rabbit village in the archipelago campaign for later, much later)


2019-01-01 10:48:54.911468 | client | 0 | resources | Mixin invalid format: archipelago_biome/entities/food/fish/fish.json. The mixinto value for the json field ‘material_tags’ is type ‘string’ which does not match type ‘array’. Using the mixinto’s ‘string’ value by default. Check your mixinto. See modding guide for more details.
2019-01-01 10:48:54.923522 | client | 0 | resources | Mixin invalid format: archipelago_biome/entities/food/big_fish/big_fish.json. The mixinto value for the json field ‘material_tags’ is type ‘string’ which does not match type ‘array’. Using the mixinto’s ‘string’ value by default. Check your mixinto. See modding guide for more details.


Are you using trapper+? That is the only mod I know that changes the fish here.


Yes, I was. I’ve uninstalled it and everything seems to be working correctly besides the spam at the beginning of a game load, but that is just the ignores, so no real problem there.
Just 54 lines exactly like this (just different resources) at the launch of the the map / reloading the save:
2019-01-01 12:08:29.892175 | server | 1 | resources | could not find resource for stonehearth_ace:crops:arctic_juniper_tree_crop while processing mixintos for archipelago_biome. ignoring.