Fisher Job 🐟 + Archipelago Biome


Trapper, derp, i was thinking of the crab catching…mostly asleep me should really stay off the forums…


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

For Alpha 23!
Better fisher and fishing. Less boring ocean. Expanded campaign.

:up: At the first post. :up:


  • Updated fisher:
    screenshot 2018_01_19__21_51_10
    The class will now craft a fishing dock, that should be placed above a water body. The fisher will use that as a fishing spot and now use a fishing rod to catch fish. :fishing_pole_and_fish:
    The dock can be placed at any height above water with any depth, making it easy to fish in any other biome.
    Will do all the fishing (and crabbing) automatically from the start. No need to level up for this ability anymore. With this, it should be more similar to farmers and trappers, and hopefully easier to use.

  • Fish Rack
    screenshot 2018_01_19__22_00_18
    An input storage for fish, craftable by the fisher.

  • New tiny islands
    screenshot 2018_01_22__19_56_03
    To fill the emptiness of the ocean. :desert_island:️(requires starting a new world)

  • Waves
    screenshot 2018_01_19__21_57_21
    A beach must have waves. Visual effect only. :ocean:(requires starting a new world)

  • Turtle Shield:
    Rare, low level footman shield. A fisher will randomly find it in the water.

  • Rabbit statues
    Spawn more, and with a new model.

  • Town names
    When starting a new game, you should see names like “Lost Pirate Atoll” instead of Ascendancy names like “New Spring Valley”

  • Updated templates
    No new templates, just update the old ones.

  • Campaign expanded
    The first arc is now completed. (It is still a very short campaign) Meet new friends and help fighting against the increasing Cocoling menace.
    This campaign have two more arcs planned for the future. Other campaigns around other themes are planned too. (undead pirates, Miranda background, etc…)

  • Deprecated items:
    Old fish mobs and float bobbers (both useless for the new fisher) should be auto deleted when you start an old save. (If not, just manually destroy them.)

  • Themed loading screen
    It will appear in the first loading after you create a new world, but not when reloading a save.

Bug fix

  • Maps would have shallow waters around the map edges if the starting position was too close to the minimap borders. Fixed.

Current Bugs:

  • Loading a previously saved game from a22.5 into the new a23 will show an error related to campaign changes. It will only appear once, and will not appear anymore after saving the game with a23.
  • Related to the above, the campaign will start over. You will see the initial tutorial guide and experience the first encounter with cocolings again.

I hope you all like it and have fun!


This looks incredible! I’ll have to give it a go :smiley:

FEEDBACK from a quick game!

  • I want a food use for crabs! As a weapon the claw is hilarious :smiley: Crab trap text still says it needs manual harvest.

  • Let oysters be placed into shallow water! In fact they should live there!

  • Please give us some stylish beach building templates that will meet the needs for a new town (so an efficient dorm building, a small storehouse) I really like the carpenters building, very shack-like!

  • I don’t like the buildings coming with crates in them, it’s usually better if the player adds storage themselves.

  • Having clay doors on buildings makes it a bit awkward for the player since you don’t get that until much later. Perhaps save those templates for Tier 2?

  • I didn’t even want to give the tiki bar a chance, there was so much stuff needed to build it! I think keeping buildings a little simpler is better.

  • I found the greens a bit harsh on the trees, and the crooked coconut tree was a bit too crooked!

It’s really funny how crabs just wander around annoyingly everywhere, just like real life!


oh my god these changes look adorable : )


Oh my great update gonna give it a try soon:D !


Hello. I’ve just started playing the up to date Archipelago mod and experienced an error when promoting a Hearthling to the Fisher class.
The game hasn’t crashed or anything, I just closed the error and continued on my merry way, but perhaps there might be some issue in the future or something I haven’t noticed; you may want to check that out.
It seems like the game doesn’t know he’s a Fisher; I can’t open his crafting menu without clicking on him directly (the Fisher icon in the crafters menu says “requires a Fisher!”) and he’s not working on his construction queue despite resources being available. He also fought with the town guard rather than going to the safety standard which I found rather odd. (Although it was entertaining to watch him beat up a coconut monster with a bucket.)


That looks like the previous version to me, in the current one the bobber is replaced with a small jetty…


I’m sorry, I didn’t notice there was an update made nine hours ago. I just woke up an hour or two ago. I’ll try it out with the newest version.
Edit: You were right. Issue’s gone.


A huge request from me: could you make this model a decorative item which can be placed anywhere for Hearthlings to walk and add a new one with some props (nets? buckets?) to be used for fishing? This model is TOO GOOD to be used just for fishing.

And one more thing: would you share the secret of the logo style with me (I guess it is made in Photoshop or Illustrator)? I don’t quite like how pathetic my attempt to mimic the original is. I’ll stick to Grobold font but I want it to look like the original, not just similar.


OMG, @BrunoSupremo, this all looks amazing! I can’t wait to try it in a bit! :smiley:


I love this mod - I have always loved this mod!!

But now I’m having issues with the fishing dock - as soon as I place it my game lags out badly & gets very jerky - I have no idea if this is strictly from this mod or because I’m using others but it didn’t start until I placed the dock


In this Biom the Land is to tiney for my feeling.
Is ther a way to modify this?


Finally got around to trying this out (Soooo many months later!)

It’s fantastic so far! The fishing really adds a lot to the game and I’m very impressed with all the little details throughout.

Good work @BrunoSupremo :smiley:


I usually roll the map until I find an island I like - I also do a lot of underground work like my trapping area & animal pens - it’s really easy as the islands are layered nicely for this :slight_smile:


For now I got only two recipes for it at the cook. I will try to fit something basic with it in his recipes.

Fixed. (for next version)

Uh? You can move it anywhere. Do you mean starting there at world generation? It should too, it is a little random. Or you mean the air pockets? Those kinda ruined it… I need to find a solution for it.

As long as the player can edit them it is ok. It is more of a style guide. (which I don’t follow myself lol, I usually go for a colonial look instead)
I used crates mostly as decoration. (I even lowered the amount in some)
The clay doors were better than old wood door, which looked massive and full of iron, locks, etc. Those wooden doors didn’t fit well with the simple tropical huts. The new wood doors should be better now. I will try them.
Yeah, the tiki bar is kinda advanced. I wanted different progressing tiers (that are not tied with town tiers) but didn’t got there yet.

Oh yeah, I blame voxelshop. I made them there way back. The light and colors there looks really different from the game, so I got it all wrong. I will soften it later.

Yes, it is photoshop (I mean, any editor will do). I cut pieces of letters to create new letters, and draw a little in a few parts too. E.g. If you pay attention you will noticed that the letter g is just the letter o and its “tail” is just a piece of the letter S.
I’m still kicking myself for not saving separated each individual letter I made, so I could write other things with it… Now I need to redo all that work if I desire the “font” again.

If you mean the ratio between land and water, it is like Auryanna told there, you can reroll for bigger islands.
But if you mean usable big flat piece of lands, then I feel you. Last version I tweaked it a little and it got better, but it still not the way I want.
Islands are “mountain shaped” like this:
But I wanted it more like this:

For the Auryanna issue, we didn’t find a conclusion through the pms. It was probably a lag spike from some campaign spawning stuff.

Sorry for replying late. I’m glad you guys are liking the mod.


I Mean the Green area.
The rest ist perfect.


This helps not.
The Meadow space is little the Mountain fat and flat.

The perfekt Island Bora Bora an mutch better alternative are the seychelles


Baked crab (1 crab in oven - cook level 2)
Boiled crab (1 crab in cauldron - cook level 1)
Crab Fritters (1 crab 1 cornmeal in cauldron - cook level 1)
Deep Fried Fish (1 fish & 1 flour in cauldron - cook level 2)

The Cooked Fish needs to be moved to Cook level 2 as it needs the oven & that can’t be made until level 2

Just a few suggestions :slight_smile:


The problem is not enough space, not enough green area, or both, @Lorki?
If just space, you might try one of these.
If explicitly green space… well, the last one is from one of my personal playthroughs, and had a pretty fair amount on the islands on the higher part of the map. Top-left didn’t even need much higher point removed (which I’ve done a few times on island maps).


This is a Sampel what i mean.

Sorry my English is not good enought to explain.