First Try On Stonehearth

Here’s some first impression of Stonehearth after not touching it for a year. Version is release -463 or -465 (x64 intel).


  1. More polished interaction but more to be desired.
  2. More content and interactions available.
  3. Grouping for defense/offense is good. Pretty fine grain control :).


  1. Switching jobs (e.g. from foot soldier to worker or something else) would cause the weapons and armour to drop on to the ground and subsequently no way to re-use it. I suspect an idling worker would eventually pull the weapons and armour that have been dropped back into the stack ? I would suggest the NPC to walk to a stack and drop weapons and armour or items before switching jobs.
  2. Inability to fine grain assign weapons and armour and pick up weapons or armour dropped on the ground.and equip it or put back to stack.
  3. Pelts, wooden logs, weapons, ores, food and so forth dropped or lying around takes a very long time to stack back. The AI needs to be more efficient to manage a stack of jobs assigned to it vs. picking things up. If it is a normal worker just mining or building stuff, it should pick up pieces it passes by into it’s backpack and finally when passing a holding area, places the items back.
  4. Foot soldier patrol should be assignable (e.g. patrol walls and buildings).
  5. Game starts to hang and lag after a while. May crash the game. Saving takes longer.
  6. After substantial buidlings and items created int he world, the game characters simply hang or run on the spot endlessly.
  7. Workers are not building anything anymore despite having nothing to do,.

Does Stonehearth store the game file somewhere so I can send them to the relevant people to analyse the game ?

The log file is below here:

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hey there @tay_thotheolh … welcome aboard! :smile:

depending on which client you’re running, you can find your save game details in one of these two locations:

Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth
Humble Bundle: C:\Program Files (x86)\Stonehearth