First attempt at making stuff for this game

ok guys…i am the noobiest of the noobiest when it comes to photo editing, special effects, anything that involves artistic ability on PC. so here is my first attempt at art (actually going to be my profile background if the dimensions are right.)


That is pretty cool, here is something that helped me out a lot when I first got into making art. Rule of Thirds in Photography

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i know of this rule, but i barely pay attention to it. instead of dividing the picture up into 9 segments, i divided it into 3 columns. the hex pattern being one column, the two assassins on one side being another column, and the lone assassin being the last column. but, i will definitely be keeping this rule in mind more often. i did the 3 columns unintentionally until i saw that the pic was lacking detail in the middle of the pic. btw, i use gimp. too cheap for anything professional atm.

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