Paint.NET Pixel Art Requests, anyone?

Hello fellow forumers! Since I have an abundance of time on my hands, I thought, why not take some suggestions from the community?

I’d love to take any requests for pixel art from anyone, so ask away. Expect them to be finished in about a few minutes (or a day, if you posted just when I got off :P)

So, any requests?

My Works:

Protip: Check out the way better Spoolicus’ Pixel Artwork:

Do Chris from Bravest warriors!!!

A working mirror, please.

wolfs would be cool like a lot of wolfs?

Here we are! Enjoy, this took about an hour or so:

Chris, from Bravest Warriors:

Working* Mirror:


*Mirror’s image rendering image may be laggy.

What software do you use for the Pixel Art?


It says so on the title :P!


*Throws down a smoke pellet and disappears)

The mirror is not working. I demand a refund.

A turtle flying through a group of dehydrated camels but his blue scarf (which has red stripes) is flying in the wind, suffocating all nearby sloths?

This will be great.

looks good!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I just changed my avatar, now it looks slightly related to my username :wink:.

@Dwalus, working on it!

Awesome, thanks! I really want to see how this turns out.

How about you recreate the reaction in pixels when the SH Discourse discovered that you changed your iconic Avatar from an Enderman to a blue Thingy. :scream:

Darn! I was hoping I’d be the first to do something like this, but alas, you have beaten me to the punch. You wouldn’t mind if I did my own one of these, would you? All that aside, you have some nice beginnings here! I look forward to everything else you do!

Now, as this is a request thread, I have but one, and only one, for now.

How about a robot? As an added challenge, feel free to use any of the parameters listed below:

  1. No less than 32x32 pixels.
  2. No more than 5 colors, including the transparency color.
  3. More than the standard android. How about a robot butler on wheels, or a levitating cleaning device? Creative liberty is required.

I look forward to this!

That’s too hard for @Swift_Cube. Your Challenge is a job for @Goldmetal! :wink:

Hey, I’d love to try! I’m still working on Dwalus’s… rather… strange request. Glad to see another Pixelnaut (Or Pixelmancer :wink:) on the ol’ Discourse!

My next project could be an upside-down picture of your avatar with both eyes crossed out, though.

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Oke doke, I am officially up to date! :smiley:

I did all of it! I’m so special. :smile:

And, of course…

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This is amazing…

You like! :smiley:

So do you like?